For Youth, Young Adults, and Families

The Sessions Planning Team is working to make as much of Sessions welcoming to children, teens and families as possible, beyond the all-ages coffeehouse and opening and closing worship celebrations. As was previously shared, there will be no daily parallel programming for youth. We are connecting the JYM and JHYM communities through an “extra” retreat and frequent 1- to 2-hour programs throughout the summer months.  If you have questions about getting your child in JYM and JHYM please contact Gretchen Baker-Smith, the JYM-JHYM Coordinator, or visit our web site. Questions regarding high school-age youth and the Young Friends program can be directed to Maggie Nelson, the Young Friends Events Organizer, at [email protected], and Friends can read Maggie’s letter explaining in more depth the reasoning behind not holding the Young Friends program at Sessions this particular summer.

Young Adult Friends (ages 18 to 35) will have young-adult-specific opportunities for connection as well as participating in general Sessions activities. Share your ideas or questions with coordinator Emi Link.