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About Young Adult Friends

 New England Yearly Meeting Young Adult Friends (YAFs) is a Quaker community of people typically aged 18 to 35, which is woven into the larger body of New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM). The YAF community serves as a place for both young adults new to the Religious Society of Friends and Young Friends who have become adults to nurture their relationships with the Yearly Meeting.

As YAFs we minister to one another through community, worship, prayer, fellowship, service, eldering, and spiritual friendships. We commit ourselves to support each other and the entire YAF community as we recognize, discern, and practice our Divine leadings and spiritual gifts, navigate transitions in our lives, and seek to become what God would have us be.

The life of the YAF Community is assisted by a simple structure: In additon to a Coordinator, who is staff of NEYM,  YAFs have a Coordinating Committee.

Purposes of the YAF Coordinating Commmittee: The purpose of the coordinating committee is to be a consistent structure within the YAF community, which reflects on the life and needs of the YAF Community on an on-going basis. When tasks (such as retreat planning) or specific concerns (such as the need for a clearness committee for an individual YAF) arise, the Coordinating Committee will reach out to individual YAFs or the YAF body as a whole in order to establish working groups. The Standing Committee is also tasked with basic oversight of the general health of the community and aids in functionality within the community.

Procedures of the YAF Coordinating Committee: The procedures of the standing committee are to have a list of  active YAFs, and to get to know YAFs well enough to speak to their gifts, leadings, and general availability in order to aid in  connecting them to one another in the forms of one-on-one help or working groups/committees.

The Coordinating Committee  also considers the needs of the community and potential ways to support its spiritual growth.

The Committee will meet approximately once a month, whether by phone or in-person to discuss concerns of and opportunities for the community. In-person meetings are open to anyone and everyone interested . Please contact one of the members for an update about the next upcoming meeting.

The Coordinating Committee shall have a clerk who serves as a point of contact for the committee, schedules meetings, finalizes the agenda for each meeting and facilitates the meetings in the manner of Friends.

For more information on upcoming meetings or to get in touch with the Coordinating Committee, please contact Hilary Burgin.




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