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White privilege and supremacy effects all our lives. if we are of European descent we benefit from advantages from very large to very small and everything in between.

Our hope is that this section will help white people examine the racial barriers that separate and interfere with truly bonding with that divine spark in everyone and increase the potential of creating deep, honest and meaningful relationships.

Beyond guilt, shame, blame, denial, and resistance we examine how to take responsibility for challenging specific forms of white privilege that are built around issues of decision making processes, unmasking hidden issues of hierarchy and self-identity. We also examine ways in which white privilege has been woven seamlessly into our personal and community lives so that what some would identify as privilege others would say is just the way things are.

That said it is important to acknowlege that there is a wide range of opinion among people of color about the usefulness of working on white privilege. In order to do this work effectively we recommend that you read and deeply consider the other section of the Healing Racism Toolkit where we examine some of the invisible wounds of oppression that are part of our inner landscape and relationships with each other and people of color and ultimately Creator.

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