What Will Sessions Be Like?

This year we will pioneer hybrid sessions, with some of you attending at Castleton University, and others participating by Zoom. For those who can travel and take time off, and are comfortable enough being with other people, we will welcome you to Castleton University.

Many of the elements of Sessions will be as you remember, Bible Half Hours, a plenary, Meeting for Business, the contradance, and coffee house.  Our youth programs will be in full swing on campus and both bookstores will be up and running again this year.

You can learn more about the Covid protocols for this attending year here.  We fully understand that even with these precautions, attending on campus is not the right answer for everyone and so we are once again providing some online offerings during Sessions.

NOTE: If you are registering to attend Sessions on campus, you will automatically receive Zoom links for hybrid events. You don't need to also register for online Sessions.