Updates and Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are posting here ongoing updates on decisions and resources to support Friends and their local meetings in caring for one another and their neighbors during this health crisis. This section will be updated as new resources and information become available.

Scroll down to view available notices and resources, and please share suggestions for content to include with Nia Thomas at [email protected] 

The Yearly Meeting Archives Committee has posted a survey where you can share your experiences, which you can find here.

Yearly Meeting Guidance for Local Meetings 

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends is continuing to advise local Friends meetings to act with care and prayerful discernment in returning to/hosting public in-person gatherings, including meetings for worship.

Even as we support local meetings' care and discernment about what ways of gathering may be best for your meeting community, we urge Friends to abide by all local public health regulations and guidance, and with state and federal guidance. We encourage Friends to respect whichever guidance exercises greater care for those attending Quaker events, as well as those in the wider community who might be harmed by transmission occurring as a result of a Friends event. 

Status of Events Sponsored by New England Yearly Meeting

Currently all in-person events specifically sponsored by the Yearly Meeting (including any program or activity directly supported by NEYM staff, committees, or resources) must have a COVID safety plan, and must be approved in advance by the Yearly Meeting Secretary.

While recognizing that conditions are dynamic, differing by region and changing frequently, at present all events* must:

  • ensure collection of contact information for all participants to aid contact tracing
  • minimize indoor activities in general, and requires face coverings for indoor activities
  • refrain from shared overnight shared accommodations
  • recognize that risk is lessened for small gatherings of local participants, and is greater for larger groups, and gatherings involving participants from several locations at a distance

*Because of the capacity for training and implementation of significant safety protocols at a dedicated site, Friends Camp is hosting in-person programming in keeping with Friends Camp-specific protocols, which are administered by the Friends Camp Director.

Questions, clarifications, concerns, and/or suggestions regarding the Yearly Meeting's current approach to supporting public health and care for in-person events may be shared at any time with Noah Merrill, Yearly Meeting Secretary, at [email protected]

We welcome your feedback and consultation in this ongoing discernment and adaptation. We are regularly reviewing and reflecting on public health guidance, local and regional conditions, and the needs of Friends. Significant changes to these guidelines may require consultation or approval from the Permanent Board. 

Please check the Events Calendar for event details, including many online opportunities to gather, worship, learn, and connect. 

Looking for help to host worship and other gatherings online?

The Yearly Meeting staff can help—both with use of our videoconference platform and with training and planning. Please email Sara Hubner at [email protected] or call 508-754-6760 and we will follow up with you.