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The Ad Hoc Structural Review Committee

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    The NEYM Structural Review Committee was charged with taking a fresh look at NEYM structure in 2012 with the hope that it could identify and recommend structural changes that would allow us to live more fully into God’s Kingdom.

    During the past year we did a survey with 225 Friends participating, visited meetings and committees, talked with individual Friends, visited the YAF & YF groups at Sessions, held other interest groups at Sessions, and spent many hours together thinking about NEYM and its structures. We have looked and thought about a wide range of matters.

    Soon we will offer some thoughts about possible changes in NEYM structure that we hope will offer balanced and practical ideas about adapting our structure. We intend to distribute those thoughts widely.

    To test and refine those thoughts and ideas and with hearts open to additional ideas, the Structural Review Committee hopes (Jan–May) to meet in every geographical area of NEYM, at least once, with as many Friends as we can encourage to come. We also intend to consult deeply with Staff, NEYM Committees, YAFs, Permanent Board, Ministry and Counsel, and many others. Reaching out to monthly and quarterly meetings will be an important part of the discernment process we intend to facilitate.

    We hope all NEYM Friends will join in this 4- to 6-month-long discernment process. The Structural Review Committee expects to recommend some changes to our structure that may be significant and perhaps even surprising. 

    Lisa Graustein (clerk), David Cadbury, Reeve Gutsell, Christopher Haines, Cliff Harrison, Angela Hopkins, Janet Hough,  Megan Jensen, Bruce Neumann, Alana Parkes,  Jay Smith,  Jackie Stillwell, Christopher McCandless, Susan Vargo,  Honor Woodrow

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    The period for survey responses has come to an end. Thank you for your interest!

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