Care for Friends and Neighbors During Pandemic Times

This is an unsettling time as communities across the world respond to the coronavirus pandemic. As a Friend serving formally or informally in pastoral care or other support role in your Quaker community, you may be called on to be spiritually present or otherwise provide assistance to others who are coping with new and uncertain challenges including physical isolation, illness, or loss of income.

Below are a few gathered resources that we hope may be helpful to you in your service to local Friends and neighbors.


Preparing Your Meeting for Pastoral Care Challenges Ahead

This conversation, recorded on March 27th 2020, is about how local Quaker communities can prepare for the pastoral care needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Conversation About Pastoral Care in These Times

File Downloads

Pastoral Care in COVID-19 times resource list

A short collection of articles and tips for pastoral caregivers at this time

Spiritual Tips and Tools

A short list of spiritual tools available to us in challenging times. Written by Cambridge (MA) Friend Alex Levering Kern

Sample Needs Assessment Form

This modifiable document by Beacon Hill (MA) Friend Lisa Graustein offers sample language and questions for a need assessment form to be used by meetings to learn what households need to get through this pandemic

Sample Phone Tree

A modifiable phone tree, an organized way to rapidly relay important or sensitive information within you community

Guide to Christian Funerals during COVID-19

This five-page handout, created by the Massachusetts Council of Churches in March of 2020, outlines ways to mourn the dead amid coronavirus-related restrictions on gatherings

Additional Resources and Opportunities for Care

Beacon Hill Friends House events calendar  The Beacon Hill Friends House, a Quaker center in Boston, has recently moved to make all of their programming online and is rapidly expanding their offerings to include online worship sharing and mediation. If you are not able to worship with your home community right now, this may be a way for your to find worshipping opportunities with other Friends.

Pandemic Practices & Strategies  Beacon Hill (MA) Friend Lisa Graustein is sharing spiritual practices for staying grounded and connected through this pandemic as well as resources and organizing strategies for resilient communities.

Emily Provance online offerings  Emily Provance is a Quaker traveling minister and blogger from New York City. She is offering ways you can connect with others virtually include daily family devotionals and virtual workshops and retreats.

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