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This toolkit has been put together to be fun, informative, interactive, non-threatening and useful to white folks in New England as we explore issues of race and racism.  People of color are encouraged to look through it to provide feedback, analysis,  insight and constructive criticism.  Beyond guilt, shame, blame, denial, and resistance the Toolkit endeavors to be helpful in examining how we can take responsibility for challenging specific forms of white privilege.  Our hope is that all walk away with improved skills in talking about race and race privilege and it's consequences.

A letter from a victim of discrimination who loves his fellow man (and woman)

This kit was put together with love and a concern for victims who have been hurt badly by all the forms that racial discrimination may take. This kit can help us look at these acts of “man’s inhumanity to man”. And if we discriminate against another person in any way the kit can help us realize we must treat all human beings the same way we want to be treated,  as well as the way we want our loved ones treated.

This kit will also give those who know that all forms of discrimination against others are wrong, a chance too work actively toward the elimination of all forms of discrimination against others.  It will help you not just look at the problems that exist in our communities but can be a way to correct the problem in our homes.

As a black man, it gives me hope to know that white people are working to eliminate their own sick racist beliefs and actions. This kit will also help to reduce and eliminate other forms of discriminations.

“Keeping the dream alive”

James Varner

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