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Staffing Information

Welcome to our JYM Elementary Retreats Staff "Toolbox!" This section offers information, procedures, policy guidelines and resources that you will find helpful when staffing retreats with us. Some of this information is routinely included in your Staff Notebooks. Most of the resources listed here have been around and used in one form or another for many years.  Click on the topic to be re-directed to the corresponding material.

Ensuring the Safety of Children

Information on our best practices for keeping children safe and helping them to feel welcomed while on retreat with us.

Expectations of Staff

Meeting our needs and yours!

Facilitating Small Groups

Suggestions for making the most of these times.

Staff Notes & Quotes

For the upcoming retreat as well as past ones!

Typical Retreat Schedule 

Hour by hour!


Staff Positions

Retreat Nurse Checklist 

(Not a real R.N, but a staffer who dishes out meds and TLC.)  

Retreat Registrar

Staff Coordinator 

Arts and Crafts Coordinator 


Parent Comments

Thanks and feedback on our staff and program.


JYM Retreats Children's Library Book Index

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