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Spring 2015 Epistle

19 Fourth Month 2015

To all Friends everywhere:

We, the Young Adult Friends of New England Yearly Meeting, are experiencing new life. We are emerging from the last year and a half of uncertainty since we laid down our committees into rebirth and a new sense of direction. We have lived further into this new clarity.

At our Midwinter retreat in January, we created the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee is set up to balance our needs as a community with the leadings of each individual in the community. Our hope is that the Standing Committee will recognize the gifts of planning and nurturing and work to apply these gifts where they are needed. During this retreat at Hartford Monthly Meeting in Connecticut, we have affirmed our trust in this committee to hold our community as we move forward. Friends approved entrusting the Standing Committee with clerking as we ponder the nature of our community and our responsibilities to each other. This temporary experiment was made necessary as Jonah McKenna Moss stepped down as clerk after a year and a half of service for which the YAFs are grateful.

The 38 YAFs that attended the spring retreat, including 13 first time attenders, have experienced fluidity this weekend. An atmosphere of open love and easy inclusivity was felt during the activities and free time. Several Friends had recently lived into a transformative walk centered on climate change. There was a Loud Worship (the rules of which are 1) No Silence, 2) Everyone should talk, and 3) Interrupting is allowed), which brought about powerful ministry. Several Friends enjoyed a walk on a beautiful spring day. We have had the gift of three elders in our midst, one who has held our spiritual community in the light and two who have shared their stories of how they lived their faith into practice.

We feel that we are emerging with the spring. There is a sense of a common path within our community and a sense of renewal as the spring blooms around us. We are grateful to each other and our community as we live into the new structure. We look forward to our next gathering at NEYM Annual Sessions in August.

“For, when I came into the silent assemblies of God’s people, I felt a secret power among them, which touched my heart; and as I gave way unto it I found the evil weakening in me and the good raised up; and so I became thus knit and united unto them…”  -Robert Barclay 1678

In the Light,

New England Yearly Meeting’s Young Adult Friends

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