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Following in the worship sharing section are various ideas, readings,  statements, and things to consider that could be used by your group in a worship sharing format. It is a good idea to review guidelines for worship sharing to remind old and new the intentions of this exercise. 

In the Queries section are queries that can be used either for personal reflection, in worship sharing or discussion.

About Worship Sharing

German Friends choose the term Gespräch aus der Stille (conversation out of the silence). This is a process to enable deep meaningful sharing to take place in a non-judgmental atmosphere. One person shares, distilling the promptings of the Spirit on a subject (perhaps but not necessarily, related to the theme of Yearly Meeting or an experience at Sessions) into a single statement,  
speaking from their own experience.  Others actively listen. The contribution is received and reflected on in the silence. Everyone gets a turn to speak. There is no immediate response, no debate or discussion but a period of silence between contributions. Everyone who wishes,  speaks before anyone gets a second opportunity. Not everyone should feel obliged to share.  As we listen, we may be mindful whether any pattern or new insights seems to be emerging in what is shared, whether it reflects any movement of the Spirit among us. 

We must do this as though we had all the time in the world and yet if it’s a big group, be mindful of how much time we do have. If we divide the allotted time by the number of group members, we will know roughly how much time each person has for silence and for speaking. Each person can be responsible for disciplining him/herself to keep to the allotted time, mindful that to run over deprives the group of hearing what might have been said.

                                                       (from Barnstable Friends Meeting)



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