Bible Half Hours

Photo of a smiling black-woman with close-cropped hair

The Bible Half Hours will be presented by Regina Renee Ward from Pueblo, Colorado. Regina Renee identifies as a Christian Friend and is a member of Ujima Friends Meeting. She may is familiar to some New England Friends, having given Bible Half Hours at Friends General Conference and co-presented the Walking with the Bible series offered by Woolman Hill Quaker Center and the Beacon Hill Friends House. Regina Renee is someone for whom the Bible is not just a foundational document for our faith tradition, but is a living, breathing, guide to daily living. 

Plenary Speaker

Close-up of a smiling young woman with dark hairEmily Provance from New York Yearly Meeting will give this year's plenary. Emily has a travel minute from 15th Street Meeting in New York City, and travels widely in the ministry, carrying a particular concern for helping Friends know each other while embracing differences.  One particular manifestation of this is her encouragement of Friends to grow into a deeper understanding of the spiritual benefits of being intergenerational, and how to move from aspiration to practice.  Indeed, in this year where we are focussed on inviting children and families back after two years apart, this concern is what led us to her.