Jay O'Hara

A dark-haired man with a beard looks out over the oceanJay O'Hara (Portland, ME, Friends Meeting) will give the Bible Half-Hours. Jay is familiar to many Friends as someone who is called deeply to climate activism. Where his actions are the testimony to his faith, and those who have walked with him have witnessed that faith in action, the Bible Half-Hours will be an opportunity to hear how the Bible grounds and inspires him. Be prepared to be challenged!

Saturday Plenary

Photo of a Wampanoag man in modern clothingSmiling gray-haired woman standing in front of bookshelfThe Saturday Plenary will be a conversation between gkisedtanamoogk (Mashpee Wampanoag) and Shirley Hager (Winthrop Center, ME, Friends Meeting). Shirley and gkisedtanamoogk met at NEYM Sessions in 1986, and subsequently arranged a series of gatherings to bring together settlers and Indigenous peoples from throughout Wabanaki territory (Maine and Atlantic Canada). Participants in these gatherings explored how to move past generations of destructive encounters between Indigenous peoples and settlers and into authentic relationship. In the format of a conversation, gkisedtanamoogk and Shirley will speak to us about the healing this group found, and what that experience has to offer us.

John CalviMonday evening, John Calvi (Putney, VT, Friends Meeting) will bring a plenary message. John has followed a leading to express a spiritual gift for releasing pain from trauma for 38 years and is well known among Friends.  John will speak about the obstacles to, and lessons from, being faithful.

Photo of an African American woman wearing glasses and a gold headwrapTuesday night, Hanifa Nayo Washington will offer an interactive experience of meditation, small group sharing, and song. Hanifa is a cultural producer and "sacred artivist" who has been combining arts, healing, and activism for more than 20 years. She is the Principal Organizer & Co-Founding Practitioner of One Village Healing, a wellness and resilience initiative dedicated to creating spaces, gatherings, and programming rooted in the values of the healing justice movement.