New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.

Shepherds for Committees

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NEYM Nominating Committee Shepherd assignments for 2017

Committee                                   Shepherd

Permanent Board                            Chris McCandless

Archives                                           Ralph Gentile

Board of Managers                          Ralph Gentile


Development                                   Penny Wright

Earthcare Witness                           None (Don Campbell–touchstsone)

Faith and Practice                           To PB Internal or staying with Nom Com?

Finance                                            Tom Vargo

Friends General Conference           Penny Wright

Friends United Meeting                  Marian Baker

Friends World Committee              Marian Baker

Legacy Gift                                       Chris McCandless

Ministry and Counsel at-large        Kim West

Moses Brown School Board            Elizabeth Zimmerman

Committee of Nurturing                 Elizabeth Zimmerman

Peace & Social Concerns                 Witness – No Shepherd

Publication & Communications      Ralph Gentile

Puente de Amigos                            Marian Baker (Don Campbell supporting)

Racial, Social & Econ Justice         Witness Committee No Shepherd                                                                         (Connie Kincaid-Brown – touchstone)

Sessions Committee                        Penny Wright

Youth Ministries ---                         


Appointments to other organizations

AFSC Corporation                           Sandy Isaacs

FCNL appointments                        Kim West with support from Bob Schultz

Friends Peace ---

Quaker Earthcare Witness ---

William Penn House ---

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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