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Workshops and Evening Opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to pre-register for a workshop or evening opportunity, but some spaces may be limited so plan to arrive on time.

Evening opportunities will be from Sunday through Tuesday, with a limited number of offerings. If  necessary, you may ask to offer on Wednesday evening. Committees may schedule a meeting any time during Sessions, based on space availability. All evening opportunities will be listed in the daily newsletter, as well. To inquire, write to [email protected].

Locations will be added as they become available and will be posted at Sessions. Locations listed here are subject to change.

Two-Day Workshops (Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:30)

Boldly Sharing our Gifts through Humble and Prayerful Marks in Pen and Ink
Sadelle Wiltshire (Putney, VT, FM)
Push beyond personal fears of self-expression through prayerful and mindful abstract art that brings out out the gifts we all have to offer and fosters community at the same time. We will use a few meditative drawing practices such as continuous line drawing and pattern repetition (Zentangle) to create a worshipful experience that draws out the light in everyone regardless of skill level. No art experience required. (Leavenworth dance studio)

Finding the Courage to “be bold in God’s service” through Parker Palmer’s Habits of the Heart
Liana Thompson Knight (Durham, ME, MM)
This workshop will take a deep dive into the Habits of the Heart, as outlined in Palmer’s book Healing the Heart of Democracy. Palmer sees the Habits of the Heart as crucial to sustaining a democracy, as well as useful in other areas in public life. The workshop will be structured to allow participants time for individual reflection, reflection in small groups, and reflection as a whole group. (Stafford 142)

The Inner Guide versus the Inner Critic: The Journey from Judgment to Love
Chris Wolff (Framingham, MA, MM)
One of the first things that usually happens when we attempt to “be bold in God’s service” is that we get a visit from our inner critic. This workshop is based on the Pendle Hill Pamphlet of the same title. The inner critic reliably appears when we try to act outside the bounds of the conventions we were taught by our parents and which society reinforces and it seeks to prevent us from taking risks. While listening for that “still, small voice” it can be difficult to discern whether that voice is coming from the critic or the Guide. This workshop will explore how to make that distinction and how to deal with the inner critic. Participants who have read the pamphlet ahead of time will get the most out of the workshop. Limit 15 participants. (Stafford 139)

Living Faithfully in the Heart of the Empire: Following Clues in Immigrant Accompaniment
Judy Goldberger (Beacon Hill, MA, MM) and Mary Hopkins (Cambridge, MA, MM)
We’ll reflect on our work as Friends in New England accompanying immigrants seeking justice. How are we being led to live more faithfully in the face of worldly power? What message have we been given to deliver? What gifts have we been given for Spirit’s work in our communities? What does liberation demand of us? What communion are we being called to live into? (Fine Arts Ctr art studio)

Using Your Quaker Faith as a Guide to Parenting Your Teen
Harriet Heath (Schoodic, ME, WG) and Carolyn Stone (Wellesley, MA, MM); Quaker Parenting Initiative
Parents of teens specifically invited!
An opportunity for parents of teens to get to know each other and to share their concerns with other Quaker parents. We will explore how Quaker beliefs can form a foundation for parenting as they discern how to guide their children. We will draw upon the Quaker Parenting Initiative parenting process and Collaborative Problem Solving ( to offer ways to guide teens in an atmosphere of empathy and mutual respect that promotes healthy development. (Audet conference room)

Tuesday Workshops (3:30)

Archives for Your Meeting: Best Practices and Opportunities
Archives Committee
What should meetings collect, keep, and send to NEYM’s archives? Who can help sort those dusty boxes in the attic? How do we archive electronic records and websites? How does the NEYM arrangement with UMass really work? What about privacy concerns? Come meet with members of the NEYM Archives Committee and our consultant, Rachel Onuf, to learn more and ask questions. (Jeffords 210)

Building a Just Peace in Palestine-Israel
John Reuwer and Laurie Gagne (Burlington, VT, MM); Working Group on Israel-Palestine
John and Laurie will have just returned from a month in the West Bank with Meta Peace Teams, which seeks “a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life.” Their mission, “to pursue peace through active nonviolence” amidst the conflict in occupied Palestine, is part of a growing field of work known as Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) or Third Party Nonviolent Intervention (TPNI). They will report on current conditions for Palestinians and interactions with Israeli soldiers; prospects for improvements in the social and political situation from the local perspective, including that of Ramallah Friends; and how UCP/TPNI works in theory and in practice and the potential they may hold for reducing militarism in human affairs. (Jeffords 213)

Climate Action
Rebecca McKenzie (Quaker City Unity, NH, MM), Earthcare Committee, and Steve Gates from the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative
This hands-on workshop will help answer: (1) What can I do to help create the Beloved Community with an emphasis on social and environmental justice? (2) How can I reduce my carbon footprint while saving money?  (3) How can my meeting reduce its footprint? (4) How can we measure our progress? (5) What actions are available now to reduce the probability of global climate change? Attendees will be trained to use a new “Climate Calculator” available on online.
Attendees are encouraged to bring their most recent gas, oil, and electric bills so they can compute their carbon footprints during the workshop. Tablets will be provided for you to use during the workshop. (Stafford 130)

Confronting White-Supremacy Culture: Witness and Leadings of New England Friends
The BlackQuaker Project.
Hal Weaver will moderate a discussion among panelists: Sarah Walton, policing and police violence from the outside—a deepening and broadening of Sarah’s keynote presentation; Sam Lowe, severe racial health discrepancies between Black and White, from the inside of a Boston public hospital—white supremacy culture in action; Keith Harvey, the environment and white-supremacy culture; Diane Randall, confronting a white-supremacy culture in personal and/or FCNL mission; Hal Weaver, white supremacy and the Cold War: Close Encounters from Moscow. (Stafford, Herrick Auditorium)

Deepening Meeting Life via Adult Religious Education
Peter Blood-Patterson (Mt. Toby, MA, MM) and Brian Drayton (Souhegan, NH, PM)
We will explore ways our meetings are using adult RE via courses, forums, and at meeting retreats. Peter will share about the curricula he is developing for NEYM supported by a Legacy Gift grant. Try out a couple of experiential exercises from these courses. (Leavenworth 104)

Grants from the Legacy Gift Committee
Legacy Gift Committee
Are you or your Meeting interested in applying for a grant from either the Future Fund or the Witness and Ministry Fund of the Legacy Gift Committee? Are you interested in what projects the Legacy Gift Committee grants have supported to date? Are you a prior grantee who would like to share your experience with others? If so, please join Members of the Legacy Gift Committee for a discussion that we hope will touch on the following:

  1. The purpose of the Funds, how the Committee works, the application process, and what an applicant can expect if they decide to apply.
  2. Observations from the Committee's experience to date on what makes for a compelling application.
  3. Answers to questions that potential applicants have about the Funds or the process.
  4. An opportunity for past grantees to provide their perspective on the process. 
  5. Answers to questions from those who might be interested in serving on the Committee in the future.
  6. Feedback from Yearly Meeting Friends about the work of the Committee to date.

(Jeffords 200)

Meet Mrs. Rowlandson
Katie Green (Worcester, MA, MM), storyteller
In this performance and discussion, Katie portrays a 17th-century Puritan woman living in Lancaster, Mass., during Metacom’s rebellion (a.k.a. King Phillip’s War). This account relies on her own narrative and raises questions we still take up—theocracy, racism, the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and the seeds of war. (Jeffords Auditorium)

Money: How do we talk about it and what do we do with it?
Lyle Miller, Everence Stewardship Consultant; Development Committee
How do we feel about money, and where do these attitudes come from? Why is it sometimes difficult to talk about money? How do we find the “enough points” in both our income and investments, and what do we do when our resources stretch beyond those points? What tools can we use to spend, save, and share the resources we have?
Lyle Miller is passionate about helping congregations, individuals and not-for-profit, faith-based organizations with stewardship education and charitable planning. Before joining Everence, Lyle served on the pastoral team at Waterford Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana. (Leavenworth 102)

Nurturing Faithfulness: Receiving and Responding to Divine Guidance
Hilary Burgin (Young Adult Engagement Coord) and Nurturing Worship, Faith, and Faithfulness (NWFF) participants
Are you ready for a more rigorous hike on the Quaker journey? Do you long to be more receptive to divine guidance? Explore what the Faithfulness Group model may hold for you. We’ll work in pairs and in small groups, and explore how Faithfulness Groups enable us to listen to the Divine Presence, receive group support, and be accountable. Get a glimpse into the Nurturing Faithfulness course to be offered in 2019 at Woolman Hill (with Hilary Burgin and Marcelle Martin as core teachers). Begin your discernment about joining this robust and rich experience with this workshop! (Leavenworth 203)

    Power of Enough
    Jacqueline Stillwell (Monadnock, NH, QM), Right Sharing of World Resources
    What is essential? How much is enough? How is my use of time, energy, and “things” in right balance to free me to do God’s work, and to contribute to right order in our world? Through personal reflection, discussion and worship sharing we will explore queries to discover our power of enough, and boldly go there. (Leavenworth 101)

    The Role of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) in Informing and Enriching Quakers Throughout the Americas
    FWCC Northeast Representative Gloria Thompson, (Manhattan, NY, FM)
    We will focus on FWCC’s role in building bridges among the different branches of Quakerism throughout the Americas. We will discuss practical ways yearly meetings can use members’ gifts and faith to develop and continue the conversation among monthly meetings. Emphasis will also be placed on the Traveling Ministry Corps, theQuaker United Nations Office, and 2018 World Quaker Day. (Leavenworth 65)

    Walking In Balance with All My Relations: The Practice of Nonviolence In A Violent World
    Beth Adams (Mt. Toby, MA, MM) and Strong Oak Lefebvre, a Maliseet and Mi’kmaq descendant and co-founder of the “Walking in Balance with All Our Relations Curriculum” (
    A Talking Circle for all ages on gun violence and nonviolence; Young Friends and family members are especially welcome. (Jeffords 205)

    Wash Me! Clearing the toxicity of American politics from mind and body
    John Calvi (Putney, VT, FM); Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT)
    Enjoy hands-on healing, energy work, and meditation to release the sticky filth of current political dialogues. This will be restful. John Calvi has worked as a Quaker healer with torture survivors since 1982. (Fine Arts Ctr dance studio)

    Why (and HOW!) Should White People Work Together for Racial Healing?
    Challenging White Supremacy Work Group of Permanent Board
    Come to a “Conversation Café” to learn about resources, games, tips, and programs to jump-start your meeting conversations on race. Explore resources on the NEYM website, pick up some “Quaker Queries for white people,” learn to be alert to the dangers of “Hidden Spiritual Racism”, receive a tutorial about how to offer specific programs for meetings from beginners to experienced. Learn what other monthly meetings have done to foster racial dialogue. (Leavenworth 106)

    Wednesday Workshops (3:30)

    501C(3), Banks & Changing Rules
    Frederick Martin, NEYM Accounts Manager; Finance Committee
    Since 9-11 there have been significant changes in the IRS regulations of banks, charitable donations and employer identification numbers (EIN). This workshop presents how those changes affect the monthly meetings and how the Yearly Meeting is helping them address them. (Leavenworth 102)

    Clerking Conversations
    Morgan Wilson (Framingham, MA, MM); NEYM Ministry and Counsel
    All ages welcome.
    Are you interested in clerking? If you are an experienced clerk, new to clerking, think you might someday be interested in serving as a clerk, or are just interested in what clerking requires, please join us for Clerking Conversations. This workshop will be a time for experienced clerks to bring their learnings, as well as the things they wish they had known when they first became clerks; for new clerks to bring their worries, questions and challenges; for people who might someday want to serve as a clerk to bring their curiosity and interest. We will discuss all of this and possibly identify needs for additional future training or resources for clerks throughout New England. (Leavenworth 65)

    Experiencing Agape by being “bold in God’s service” and feeling “fear and trembling”
    Carole Rein (North Shore, MA, MM)
    All ages welcome!
    During the past year, Carole was intentionally “bold in God’s service,” risking 35-year friendships walking part of the Spanish pilgrimage, the Camino. Twelve weeks later, she experienced more “fear and trembling” than she wanted, with a heart attack, a stroke, and open-heart surgery—very different events, yet all opened her to experiences of limitless love and of being held in love, well beyond the range of people who she knows love her. She has come to recognize this as Agape.
    During this workshop, Carole will share her experiences and welcome participants to share their own, whether recent or long past. (Leavenworth 106)

    Grassroots Quaker Peacebuilding: Friends Peace Teams—What the Seekers Have Found
    Nancy Shippen (Fresh Pond, MA, MM) NEYM Representative to FPT since 2006
    All ages welcome.
    The Society of the Friends of Jesus rejected war and sought to live in that life and power that takes away the occasion of all wars. Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization working around the world to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict to create programs for peacebuilding, healing and reconciliation. FPT’s Initiatives build on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual aspects of conflict resolution.
    Come learn how Friends Peace Teams has built our practices into a powerful, effective set of programs with partners in 15 countries across three initiatives. (Leavenworth 67)

    The Maya Way Forward: Peace, Inclusion, and Co-Existence
    Erica Adams (West Falmouth, MA, PM), Legacy Gift grant recipient
    We begin our dialogues to advance Quaker and democratic values with an introduction to Respeto/Respect (2013) a traveling exhibit of photography by indigenous Maya women about religious diversity and coexistence after decades of strife in Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico. Photographs will translate Maya experience into a context—Quaker and American—for dialogues on peace, diversity, and inclusiveness, including issues of indigenous and women’s rights and post-colonialism. Questions will foster understanding and generate further discussion in small groups, concluding with sharing by each group. Limit: 20 participants (Leavenworth 105)

    Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Climate Catastrophe
    Prophetic Climate Action Working Group (PCAWG)
    We know that taking action on climate change must draw from inward conviction and spiritual reorientation to the world. Gather with members of the PCAWG for waiting worship, as we hold in our hearts the magnitude of human-wrought destruction and our own complicity, and labor towards repentance. (Stafford 130)

    Moving our Meetings to Take Action on Israel-Palestine
    Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne (Cambridge, MA, MM); Working Group on Israel-Palestine
    How do we talk to one another about the issue? How do we engage our meetings? Given the urgency of the situation, particularly for the people of Gaza, what do we need in order to take faithful and effective action? What do those actions look like?Evening Opportunities (Jeffords 213)

    Multi-Cultural Book Writing
    Mary McKenna (Storrs, CT, FM), Legacy Gift Recipient
    How do we show respect for human diversity in our interactions with each other? How do we teach tolerance and respect to young children in school and in First Day school?
    Using the commonalities of different spiritualities and how we show these values in daily living, we will begin writing books that will support a multi-cultural curriculum for children aged 4 to 8. Children accompanied by their parent(s) or sponsor are welcome to attend. Resource materials are available on-line; please review them prior to attending the workshop: International Children's Digital Library; Book Riot; the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative(Jeffords 200)

    Off White; an investigation of the role Whiteness plays in our lives
    Eppchez (Northampton, MA, MM); the Racial, Social and Economic Justice Committee
    Join Eppchez for a unique performance/workshop challenging Friends to engage with their experiences of privilege and reflect on how systems of supremacy affect their experience of the world. Eppchez uses their own experiences and reflections as a White-passing person to notice how Whiteness functions in their life and invites Friends into a vulnerable space of reflection around this topic that we have been so carefully taught to avoid. The format of this workshop moves between song, story, movement and participant reflection, writing and sharing in small groups. (Leavenworth 104)

    Movie: Quakers, the Quiet Revolutionaries
    All ages welcome
    A new documentary on Friends, funded in part by the Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund. Preview available at (Fine Arts Ctr auditorium)

    Ready for More!
    John Calvi (Putney, VT, FM); Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT)
    Restoring balance, learning deep rest, clearing the mind of the noise—all this to avoid burnout before it starts. This will be restful. John Calvi has offered this to NEYM for 31 years. (Fine Arts Ctr dance studio)

    Success Stories & Coaching for Getting Your Meeting Known Online
    Christine Green (Amesbury, MA, MM), Legacy Gift grant recipient
    This workshop will be interactive, with a presentation of successful social media campaigns created for Amesbury Friends (, Q&A and coaching, and approaches to creating content that goes beyond “announcements and invitations” by being informative and valuable to followers. Participants will gain a better understanding of how their meeting can stand out on Facebook, how to create effective messaging that authentically portrays their meeting, and how to recognize opportunities and make the most of them. (Jeffords 205)

    Taking Bold Steps to Eliminate all Nuclear Weapons
    Timmon Wallis and Vicki Elson (Northampton, MA, MM)
    Timmon and Vicki have launched a campaign to get individuals, businesses, and communities to do what they can to comply with the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The ongoing threat of the use of nuclear weapons is a source of great anxiety to many Friends. The news of the 2017 Nuclear Ban treaty brings hope. Timmon and Vicki provide specific, bold steps that individual Friends and meetings can take. Timmon and Vicki carry a travel minute from Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting. (Leavenworth 101)

    Sunday 9 p.m.

    Locations for Evening Opportunities will be published on campus.

    Katie Green, storyteller
    Jeffords Auditorium

    Faith & Practice Revision Committee Listening Session

    Acoustic Jam Sessions
    Bring your own instrument!
    In front of Huden Dining Hall

    Monday 9 p.m.

    Exploring a Theology of Money
    Lyle Miller, Everence Stewardship Consultant; Development Committee
    How does our faith shape our relationship with the financial resources that come into and out of our lives: Where does it come from, how do we use it, how can it change the world? These four themes can guide our financial stewardship, the spiritual practices of money management and generosity.
    Everence helps individuals and organizations integrate their faith and finances and serves congregations and meetings in more than 25 denominations and faith groups.

    Finance Committee Listening Session

    Poor People’s Campaign
    Diane Dicranian (Winthrop Ctr, ME, FC)
    We are a new and unsettling force!

    John Woolman College
    John Wilmerding (Putney, ME, FM)
    John Woolman College of Active Peace is a 15-year-old informal consortium of peace and conflict transformation educators, trainers, practitioners, theorists, archivists, and even a poet laureate! We comprise about 50 core members called “Principal Scholars” and a larger circle of 800 persons worldwide.

    Tuesday 9 p.m.

    Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
    Timmon Milne Wallis and Vicki Elson

    Update from QUIT
    John Calvi
    The Quaker Initiative to End Torture shares news of American policy, practice, and current use of torture.

    Quakers, the Quiet Revolutionaries
    A new documentary on the Religious Society of Friends
    Fine Arts Ctr auditorium

    Tackling Our Racism
    John Wilmerding

    Wednesday 9 p.m. (following Coffee House)

    Finance Committee meeting

    Steve Whinfield (New Haven, CT, MM) et al.

    Other Opportunities

    Sunday, 2:45 p.m.

    Young Friends and Young Adult Friends!

    Are you a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, a playwright, a reporter? Come read in front of a friendly and encouraging audience at the Open Mic for Teen and Young Adult Quaker Writers at Yearly Meeting 2018! No experience is necessary, and it's great practice for new readers! Readers should be 14 to 35 years old. You can read up to 5 minutes of material. Your own writing only, please.

    Or just come and listen!

    Jeffords Hall

    Monday, 1:00 p.m.

    Open meeting of the Board of Managers of Investments and Permanent Funds
    Stafford 144

    Monday, 1:15 p.m.

    Faith & Practice Revision Committee Listening Session

    Tuesday, August 7, 8 P.m.

    65+ Writers’ Open Mic

    Imagination (Spiritual Light) and Feelings (Spiritual Fire) are crafted by writers into many forms: poetry, fiction, memoir, essay, eulogy and more.

    Come hear Seasoned Friends share their writing. You might be as surprised as Moses who heard God speaking through the Spiritual Light and Spiritual Fire of a Burning Bush.

    No need to register; just show up and we’ll assign you a slot. Open to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoir (published or not). Original work only, please. Reading slots are 5-minutes long; plan your contributions accordingly!

    For more information, contact Jean Yeager [email protected]

    General Bookstore in Jeffords Hall

    New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

    901 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602

    (508) 754-6760 - [email protected]