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PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to pre-register for a workshop, but some spaces may be limited so plan to arrive on time.

Committees may schedule a meeting any time during Sessions, based on space availability. Please email the Events Coordinator at: [email protected] to reserve a space. Please request early as all spaces are first come, first served. 

Workshops will be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 p.m. and from 8:15-9:45 p.m. Workshops will be one or two evenings, or can be combined for one long evening session. The time and length of each workshop will be listed below. 

This change in workshop schedule is due to the timing of business meetings in the afternoon and by the opportunity offered by Living Faith gatherings to also present workshops.

The following list may be updated from time to time.

Click here for a printable schedule of workshops and locations.

Monday Workshops 

7:00–9:45 p.m.

Loving Faith, Loving Practice: Provoking One Another to Earthcare
Presenters: Rebecca MacKenzie and Paul Klinkman, Earthcare Ministry Committee
This workshop will be interactive and will use a multi-media approach to share information about doable, action steps that will transform us and the world around us.

Right Relationship? West Falmouth Quakers, Mashpee Wampanoag and Maya in Mexico
Presenter: Erica Adams (West Falmouth, MA, Friends Meeting)
Slide talk includes original documents and photographs from Adams’ research and oral histories of descendants of West Falmouth Quakers alongside her reasearch and work with the Mashpee Wampanoag and her ongoing work with Maya in Chiapas, Mexico.

Individuals and Finance
Presenters: Yearly Meeting Development Committee and Everence
This session will give participants, at any stage in their financial journey, an overview of key issues to consider in establishing or strengthening a personal/family financial plan. Sound boring? Scary? Come anyway—you’ll be glad you did.

7:00–8:00 p.m.

Faith and Practice Revision Listening Session on Membership Chapter
Presenters: Members of the Revision Committee

Faith and Practice Revision Listening Session on Dying, Death, and Bereavement
Presenters: Members of the Revision Committee

Four Roles of Social Change
Presenters: Hilary Burgin and Zenaida Peterson of Quaker Voluntary Service
An interactive workshop on social change theory, and your role within the "Four Roles of Social Change" model (from Training for Change). Learn what kind of change agent you are while reflecting on how this model relates to the larger Quaker community and how we are called towards justice.

Eldering and Eldership
Presenters: Janet Hough (Cobscook), Elaine Emily (Strawberry Creek, Pacific YM), Mary Kay Glazer (Greenville, NCYM-Conservative), Bruce Neumann (Fresh Pond), under the care of NEYM Ministry and Counsel
The practice of eldering is alive in our meetings today, though it is not always named. This will be a time for people who have served as elders (whether named as such or not) to meet, share experiences, and learn from one another.

The Quaker Legacy of Nonviolent Campaigning
Presenter: George Lakey (Central Philadelphia YM, PaYM)
The workshop invites consideration of how Quakerism provides a seedbed for Spirit-led action that challenges injustice and violence.

Moving from Noticing to Doing: A Conversation with Hal Weaver & Lisa Graustein
Sponsored by the BlackQuaker Project Ministry and the Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness Working Group
An interactive conversation about how we move from noticing these patterns to taking the actions needed to interrupt and transform oppression so that we can realize the Beloved Community.

Energy Work
Presenter: John Calvi (Putney, VT, Friends Meeting)
This is a simply laying-on-of-hands practice for deep relaxation; reduced fear, anxiety, depression, and physical pain; and better sleep.

Vamos a Cuba!  
Presenters: Maggie Fogarty and Em McManamy, co-clerks, Puente de Amigos Committee
In this one hour workshop, we will share photos and stories and explain the Puente process for discernment and preparation for travel to visit Cuban Friends.  All are welcome.

Idle & Blessed: Mary Oliver and Walt Whitman in Conversation
Presenter: Su Penn, Lake Erie YM; FGLBTQC
These two poets who could never have met in life nonetheless carry on an eloquent conversation about faith, nature, the soul, paying attention, and lying around in the grass. We will join in this conversation by reading some of their poetry together.

8:15–9:45 p.m.

Dear Hector, Love Ivan
Presented by Paul Marino (North Sandwich), Legacy Grant recipient
Quaker Hector Black, now 94 years old, has walked a long road of moral activism and spiritual growth. Courageous choices and the guidance of divine light shape his story and helped prepare him for the greatest challenge of his life: to forgive the person who raped and murdered his beloved daughter, Patricia Nuckles.

"A New and Living Way”: Transformation through Right Relationship—Part One
Presenter: Mey Hasbrook (Kalamazoo MM, Lake Erie YM)
The workshop will “sink down” deeply into this year’s theme through spoken ministry, queries, worship-sharing, breakout groups, and a simple creative activity. Wisdom will be woven from First Nations as well as Quaker ancestors and contemporaries. Mey was an invited artist at Britain YM’s 2018 Sustainability Gathering.

Deepening Our Skills and Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness
Presenter: Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness working group
This interactive workshop is an opportunity for Friends to deepen our ability at noticing patterns of oppression as they are happening and build skills for  interrupting in the moment in ways that support each other and build community.

Presenter: Harriet Heath (Schoodic, ME, Worship Group)
An opportunity for participants to explore their role with their grandchildren and, consequently, their children. During a time of worship-sharing participants will have the opportunity to share their joys and sorrows related to their grandparenting. A virtual group could be offered in the fall where the discussion started here could continue.

Friends World Committee on Consultation Connecting Friends Across the World
Presenter: Yearly Meeting FWCC Committee
The FWCC Committee and Friends from Bolivia and Kenya talk about the work of FWCC and the different ways that they are connecting Friends across cultures and theological divides.

Lights, Camera, Action—Climate Action, That Is!
Presenter: Andy Burt (Midcoast, ME, Friends Meeting), recent Legacy Grant recipient
See two short, uplifting films and then discuss a film-making opportunity. Workshop participants will receive a helpful toolkit.

Bringing Our Compassion and Creativity to Congress: Grassroots Advocacy as a Form of Living Faith—Part One
Presenter: Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Advocacy Teams Trainer, FCNL
Engage in an interactive storytelling exercise to explore how human connections and shared values open space for dialogue in politically polarized environments and talk about relationship-building as a radical practice of love, particularly in holding difficult conversations with our elected officials or their staff. (Part Two will be Wednesday night.)

Warheads to Windmills
Presenters: Nuclear Disarmament and Climate Action Working Group, Northampton Friends Meeting
Using the theme of “provoke one another to love,” explore ways that meetings in New England can support the social and political transformation necessary to bring us into the post-fossil fuel and post-nuclear age.

Wednesday Workshops

7:00–9:30 p.m.

Workshop for Treasurers and Finance Committee Members
Presenters: Yearly Meeting Development Committee and Everence
Discuss issues that many church organizations grapple with, resources to manage your meeting’s development strategy, and many more topics to help you manage your meeting’s money and perhaps think more deeply about financial ministry in your spiritual community.

The Power of Enough
Presenter: Jackie Stillwell (Monadnock), Right Sharing of World Resources
What is essential? How much is enough? How is my use of time, energy, and “things” in right balance to free me to do God’s work and to contribute to right order in our world?

7:00–8:00 p.m.

Deep Relaxation
Presenter: John Calvi (Putney)
This is a simple lie on the gym mat and hear ideas, meditations, and stories for deep relaxation and rest in turbulent times. Our best awaits in our calm.

Noticing Patterns: What are we learning and what are our next steps?
Presenter: Noticing Patterns of Oppression and Faithfulness Working Group
Unpack the week and envision where this work can take us. This workshop will be a time to share what we each have observed this week as well as our experiences in Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness.

Walt Whitman and John Greenleaf Whittier
Presenter: Su Penn, Lake Erie YM; FGLBTQC
John Greenleaf Whittier: Quaker, abolitionist, formalist, traditionalist. Walt Whitman: Quaker-ish, nurse and caregiver, inventor of free verse, futurist. What do these two very different 19th Century poets have to say about God? About faith? About action in the world? What do they have to say to each other? To us?

Silent Prayer/Breath Prayer
Presenter: Peter Nutting (Vassalboro), Legacy Grant recipient
An introduction to the Quaker tradition of silent prayer and to the related practice of breath prayer. “Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation” (Rumi).

Deepening Worship
Presenter: Peter Blood-Patterson (Mt Toby)
What are “gathered meeting” and “spirit-led ministry”? How can all present open themselves to helping these occur during worship based on expectant waiting? Join in an experiential adult religious education activity that can be used as part of a meeting retreat, an adult RE course, or a "one off" Sunday activity.

Ramallah Friends School
Presenter: Adrian Moody, Head of School
For 150 years, Ramallah Friends School has provided life-transforming Quaker education in Palestine. Hear how RFS continues to provide a Quaker witness today

8:15–9:45 p.m.

Living the Palestine Experience
Presenters Arthur Meyer Boyd and Margaret Boyd Meyer (Stony Run MM, Baltimore YM)
How are Quaker values providing hope and building a foundation for a peaceful, just future? What might the future hold for this troubled region? Arthur and Meg spent 6 months at Ramallah Friends School in Palestine and traveled in Israel, seeking to gain perspective from both sides.

"A New and Living Way”: Transformation through Right Relationship—Part Two
Presenter: Mey Hasbrook (Kalamazoo MM, Lake Erie YM)
The workshop will “sink down” deeply into this year’s theme through spoken ministry, queries, worship-sharing, breakout groups, and a simple creative activity. Wisdom will be woven from First Nations as well as Quaker ancestors and contemporaries. Mey was an invited artist at Britain YM’s 2018 Sustainability Gathering.

Quaker Campus Ministry & Welcoming College Students into Our Local Meetings
Presenter Greg Woods (Cambridge, MA, Friends Meeting)
Quaker meetings have a vital role to play in welcoming emerging adults to the Quaker spiritual journey. Hear highlights of the learnings, tools, and program designs gathered from two consultations on this theme held this spring in Boston.

Learning to See with Soft Eyes
Presenter: Peter Nutting (Vassalboro), Legacy Grant recipient
A slide show demonstrating how contemplative photography can become a way of seeing with the eyes of the heart.

Heat Planet
Presenter: Christopher Haines (Fresh Pond), Earthcare Ministry Committee
While excess greenhouse gases are known, other climate problems are local and can be improved directly and in relatively short time frames. Sea level rise will still be a global issue, but the cooling we can accomplish could slow the process. There are very real opportunities here and reasons for hope.

Food Waste: what are we doing about it?
Presenter: Lori Martin (New Haven), Legacy Grant recipient
In 2018, Haven’s Harves recovered 978,000 lbs of food in the New Haven area. Learn how excess food can be recovered and shared, as well as about food safety, legal liabilities, successes, and stumbling blocks

Bringing our compassion and creativity to Congress: Grassroots advocacy as a form of living faith—Part Two
Presenter: Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, FCNL
Stories from grassroots advocates who have used songs, cakes. and theater to build a relationship with their member of Congress while engaging their wider community. Talk about creative ways to engage the media and practice writing an op-ed or letter employing these principles, with a focus on a specific legislative issue.

Using Adult Religious Education to Enliven Your Meeting
Presenter: Peter Blood-Patterson (Mt Toby), Legacy Grant recipient
A facilitated exploration about ways meetings are using meeting retreats and other activities to grow, change, and deepen their shared life together as a faith community.

Provoking Love and Nonviolence in Areas of Violent Conflict
Presenter: Mel Duncan, Director of Advocacy and Outreach and co-founder of Nonviolent Peaceforce
Learn about unarmed civilian protection (UCP), why and where UCP groups work, and discuss how UCP can be used in New England to protect people and prevent violence.

Holding Our Families in the Light
Presenter: Windy Cooler (Sandy Spring MM, Baltimore YM)
Last year Windy traveled across the country interviewing Friends about the health of families in monthly and yearly meetings. Workshop participants will engage in understanding and responding to the research and explore ways that our meetings can act.

How can the struggles for racial equality and climate justice support each other?
Presenter: George Lakey (Central Philadelphia YM, PaYM)
The workshop will discuss questions related to the new campaign of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) in partnership with a black-led interfaith coalition, “Power Local Green Jobs” that is solarizing neighborhoods of under-employed black and brown people.

Exploring Faithfulness Groups
Presenter: Allison Randall (Keene) and Tammy Forner (Hartford)
Join an experiential workshop featuring large-group discussion and small-group experiences that explore the process of Faithfulness Groups as a model to listen to the Divine Presence. Leave the workshop feeling more prepared for continued and deepening faithfulness in your life in big and small ways. This is also an opportunity to explore joining the Nurturing Faithfulness program starting end-of-August 2019. Nurturing Faithfulness is a recipient of a Legacy Grant.

Film: A.J. Muste: Radical for Peace/Finding True North (75 min.)
Presenter: David Schock, PhD, filmmaker
This documentary covers Muste’s origins through his return to Christian pacifism, and features archival images and interviews with historians and people who knew him.


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