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Freedom & Justice Crier

The Freedom and Justice Crier is a magazine of the NEYM Committee on Racial, Social and Economic Justice, currently published once a year. We invite all New England Friends to participate.

Why not write an article for consideration? For instance;

  • How has the issue of white privilege touched your life? 

  • How have you seen classism effect Friends? sexism?

  • What are the spiritual consequences and brokenness related to living in a world that hasn't achieved perfection in these justice concerns?

  • What does that still small voice say to inform us of our responsibilities in this regard?

  • How does your Meeting bear witness to this work?

 Contact the RSEJ clerk for more information.

READ ANY OF THE Freedom and Justice Crier's PRESENTED BELOW:

Publication Date

Issue 28: NEYM - from Black Lives Matter to a Journey of Healing

September 2015 From MLK's Speech Detroit-1963 to Charleston SC,  from Selma 1965 to a Call To My NEYM Friends...

Issue 27: In Honor of Maya Angelou

July 2014 Poems and writings by and about this great woman plus issues effecting Native Peoples, MLKjr's ...

Issue 26: "Live up to the light thou hast, and more will be granted thee."

July 2013 With this Sessions' theme we ask if we really live up to our committment to justice,...

Issue 25: "Choose Integrity”

July 2012 The Occupy movement and whiteness, NEYM - Trayvon Martin and the Doctrine of Discovery

Issue 24:"Called to Heal a Broken Earth"

July 2011 impact of global climate change on justice work of Friends, the New Jim Crow, etc.

Issue 23: Got Jubilee? Really?

July 2010 This year's Session's theme mandates social justice, NEYM Minutes concerning race and racism,...

Issue 22: What Are Friends Saying

April 2010 Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship, Israel & Palestine, Religious Persecution of Native ...

Issue 21:“Living into Jubilee”

July 2009 most spirit led, powerful, radical, social, racial justice Session’s theme, Education &...

Issue 20: Prophetic Witness

March 2009 Employee-Owned Businesses, experience as a Black man in NEYM, Racism Is a Spiritual Issue

Issue 19: Witness of New England Friends

July 2008 Immigration, Quakers and Institutional Racism, Preview of Fit for Freedom, Isreal, Egypt


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