RSEJ Launches Book Discussion Project

The Racial, Social, and Economic Justice committee (RSEJ) will be debuting a book discussion project at Sessions. We will be reading and discussing the novel The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. We will distribute (to each quarter) kits consisting of six copies of the book and a list of suggested discussion questions. Meetings or groups wishing to discuss the book will receive the kit for two to three months before sending it to the next meeting that requests it. We invite Friends to use the novel as a way to spark discussion on police-involved shootings, on how people can be allies, as well as how people can speak truth to power.

The Hate U Give is the story of a young African American woman who finds herself living between two worlds separated by a 45-minute car ride: one is her exclusive private school in a suburb, the other is the predominantly African-American neighborhood she lives in with her family. The balance is shattered when she witnesses a friend from her neighborhood shot by police on a routine traffic stop.

The Hate U Give offers a nuanced view of a complex and difficult subject. Starr must learn who her friends are and find the courage to speak her truth. RSEJ deliberately chose a Young Adult novel to have the discussion accessible to all age groups and levels of engagement with anti-racism. While there is much to think about in this book and it offers much for our head, it also speaks strongly to the heart.

We will be distributing the books at Annual Sessions although we will make the kit available to others who might not be able to attend. Please consider as to whether your meeting or study group would be interested in the kit. If you would like to reserve a kit please feel free to contact Beth Morrill. We invite you to read and engage with us as we discuss this powerful novel.