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Healing Racism Toolkit Project

The Committee on Racial, Social & Economic Justice has developed and curated an extensive library of resources for understanding, overcoming and healing racism; the Healing Racism Toolkit Project. Its creation was approved by CRSEJ in the Fall of 2009. 

The first parts of this Toolkit are primarily designed for white people relatively new to this particular journey of healing.  We recommend that you start at the introduction which includes strategies for engaging in this work through dialogue with other people. If you have been at it for a while you might start at “The Journey Continues”. This section includes a links page with hundreds of updated articles of interest, each with a short synopsis of content.

Meanwhile we invite anyone to consider sending articles or other resources that you think would be helpful and of course we’d love for people to fill out and Send the evaluation forms.

The idea is that it is a growing, living, dynamic Project with things being added or changed on a regular basis so check back often.  In particular, links to interesting articles, web-sites, etc. is updated regularly.

Featured Content

The Racial Social and Economic Justice committee of New England Yearly meeting modeled this brochure after one produced by a group of the Atlanta Friends Meeting.

Many people live in multi-ethnic communities, yet very few are equipped with the experience and background necessary to live without racism in such a community. This is especially true for white people in the US who frequently have not lived, worked or worshiped with those of another racial or ethnic heritage.

We hope you and your community will find these ideas helpful. This IS a work in progress and we are interested in your responses.

(Regarding copyright, most of the material in this toolkit is either authored or produced by CRESJ members, James Varner or Rachel Carey-Harper or is a link to useful information. Please do not share without linking to this site. The few pieces that are from others are either shared through the creative common copyright system or with expressed permission of author.)

For information specific to indigenous people (Native Americans) please see the section on the Journey of Healing


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