Application for Prejudice and Poverty Fund Grants

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a) Projects for which P&P funds are requested should be consistent with the P&P mandate to address needs and concerns of organizations (and in exceptional circumstances individuals) who work to alleviate the suffering of segments of the U.S. population such as minorities, women, the poor, et. al., who struggle with damaging discrimination on the basis of race, culture, class, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, differing lifestyles, physical challenges, incarceration, poverty, homelessness, or some other characteristic not of their choosing.

b) Most P&P grants are under $1,000 and historically have not exceeded $2,000.

c) Except in unusual circumstances P&P moneys will be awarded as a one-time grant, and organizations are not encouraged to reapply for additional grants from P&P.

d) Applications should usually reflect a project’s consistency with Quaker beliefs in equality and community; in truth and integrity; in nonviolence, peace, and the denial of outward war; in simplicity, and in respect for the earth and the environment.

e) Applications should provide the following information:

    i. Name of organization, address, phone number, email, and a contact person’s name and information.
    ii. A brief history of the organization
    iii. A summary of the project to be funded.
    iv. A background history of the project
    v. A description of the organization’s previous experience, if it has any, with the stuff of the project.
    vi. Applications should reflect a conscious intention to avoid damaging patterns of charity by providing for administrative and feedback participation in the project by those being served by it.
    vii. A proposed budget: Amount of the total budget, brief description of major items, total amount requested from P&P, and indication of other grants being sought or received.

f) The P&P award committee will consider most favorably those projects with involvement of Friends (Quakers) and/or Friends' organizations, either as project organizers or as project recipients.

g) Five hard copies of this application should be submitted to the clerk of the Working Party of RSEJ who will present the project and a recommended grant amount for approval of the full RSEJ committee of NEYM. Graphics and photographs are encouraged as part of these applications.

Please land mail completed applications to James Varner, 531 Brunswick St, Old Town, ME 04468-1926, (207-827-4493); or, email it to the committee clerk, Beth Morrill.