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Quaker Parenting

We seek to live our lives attuned and in line with Spirit.  Our family relationships bring us great joy and equally great learning opportunities!  Here is our learning lab of love and patience, trust, graciousness and forgiveness.

Helping our families to live in the world but not of it is an uphill hike for many Quaker parents. The Quaker Way frames the parenting endeavor in the most positive terms.   In our clearer, more grounded moments, we really do answer that of God in our partners and children.

When we are able to use that Quaker lens--at home, in schools or on the world stage, we are more able to live into the promise of our faith.  Harriet Heath and the Quaker Parenting Initiative have provided important support and guidance for Quaker Parents.   See Harriet's reflections on helping her two grandsons learn to share when they 18-months old, in "Minding the Sandbox."

We hope this section of our website will bring resources and support, shared wisdom and, at times, a light touch to bear.  



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