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QREC Conversation Circles

The Collaborative is exploring new ways to draw our community of practice together between our annual meetings! Our latest initiative, themed Conversation Circles, use virtual conferencing software (GoToMeeting) to bring together Friends near and far to inspire, share and grapple around key issues for Quakers in religious education. The meetings are 60-75 minutes long and are lightly facilitated. Friends can connect using a computer or dial-in with a phone. The notes are posted here with the permission of the participants.  

The first three Conversation Circles raised up issues around Welcoming--of Families, of Newcomers in Large Meetings, and of Young Adult Friends.  Thanks to each Friend who participated!  

Watch for another series of Conversation Circles soon.  We may play with some new formats including short presentations by a panel before opening up to a freeform exchange of thoughts.

We invite you to send in themes for future Circles.  Like the face-to-face Listening Circles which began our Collaborative, we encourage you to take an active role!  We now have a GoToMeeting subscription that you could use to host a Conversation Circle on a topic of your choice. 

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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