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New England Friends visit Cuba Yearly Meeting

Feb 9, 2018
Len Cadwallader, co-clerk, Puente de Amigos Committee

Dear Friends,

With God’s help, the Puente de Amigos delegation to Cuba Yearly Meeting will arrive in La Habana early tomorrow afternoon. The members of the delegation are pictured above.

These Friends will worship with the Habana Friends and enjoy fellowship on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, workshops have been scheduled in the following areas: Jugar Llenos de Fe, Quaker decision-making, Alternatives to Violence, Forgiveness, and the Immigration Crisis in the US.

On Wednesday, they will travel to Holguin before going on to Gibara to attend Cuba Yearly Meeting, where Fritz has been invited to offer the closing sermon on Sunday. Cynthia, Roland and Diego will travel on to Puerto Padre on Monday to make preparations for a service team to come to assist with the reconstruction of Colegio Wilmington, the Quaker high school that was closed in 1960 and which has recently come back into the possession of Puerto Padre Friends Church. Their plan is to create a community center. Fritz and Len fly home on Monday, February 20, 2018; Cynthia, Roland and Diego will leave Cuba on Thursday, February 23.

En paz y fe,

Mary Ann & Len Cadwallader, co-clerks, Puente de Amigos Committee

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