Pandemic-Related Financial Resources

As our households and meeting communities continue to feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, questions about financial resources and stewardship arise.

Scroll down for information and downloads. We will continually add to this page with resources most relevant to Friends Meetings in New England.

If your Friends Meeting is facing financial crisis due to the pandemic, you may qualify for up to $5,000 from the COVID-19 Congregational Relief Fund offered by the Mennonite Disaster Service, Everence, and Mennonite Central Committee U.S. This fund is open to congregations in the Anabaptist faith traditions (including Quakers). For more information about the fund or to apply, see the related documents in the downloads section below.

If your Friends Meeting has employees (such as a resident Friend, a pastor, an office manager, a building caretaker) and is being financially impacted by Covid-19, the meeting can most likely qualify for federal aid for small businesses. To learn more about this aid, read this letter from our Accounts Manager.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act also has other elements that may be beneficial for both individuals and organizations, including local Meetings. More information for is available here

If you or someone in your meeting is facing financial hardship, free confidential budget and debt counseling is available to all Friends through our partnership with Everence, the Mennonite mutual aid organization which partners with NEYM. (Learn more here).

Your Meeting may also be eligible for a matching grant to cover the emergency expenses of an individual through the Everence Sharing Fund. These grants can also be used to extend your Meeting's financial support of local organizations providing emergency assistance.

If you meeting is seeking to support a new ministry or witness related to the pandamic, you may want to consider applying for a Legacy Grant. Learn more here. 

If your Meeting is not yet providing the opportunity for electronic giving, now may be a particularly good time to consider it. You may find the "Giving Beyond the Offering Plate" resource in the download section below helpful.

If you have more questions, we'd love to continue this conversation with you. You may contact our Everence Stewardship Consultant Lyle Miller here or our Accounts Manager Frederick Martin here.

File Downloads

Everence Financial Counseling Brochure

Information about free debt counseling available to Quakers in New England through Everence, a faith-based financial services provider

Letter to Local Meetings about CARES Act and Federal Aid

A letter from our Accounts Manager explaining federal aid eligibility for meetings with employees

Giving Beyond The Offering Plate

This 8-page handout, compiled by the Ecumenical Steward Center, provides an overview of options congregations have for receiving donations electronically

Introduction to the Congregational Relief Fund

A short news release explaining the origin, purpose, and parameters of the Covid-19 Congregational Relief Fund

Congregational Relief Fund Application
Household Budgeting Queries

This one-page handout provides guiding reflection questions to use as you prayerfully re-examine your personal finances in light of the current situation

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