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Packing List for JHYM Retreats

Suggestions from a long-time retreat attender

  • Comfortable clothes you don't mind getting dirty or being seen in (some of us wear PJ pants all weekend)
  • Lots of socks....or no socks if you like to go barefoot everywhere
  • Shoes for service projects and doing chores outside
  • Sweater or sweatshirt (we often play outside in the evenings, even when it's cold)
  • Something comfy for the drive home
  • Special stuffed animal is optional but totally okay!
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Comfy fluffy pillow
  • Sleeping mat (most of the places we go to have really hard and cold floors)
  • A journal, a reading book, and a flashlight (although Gretchen has lots)
  • Snacks for the car ride
  • A toothbrush, hair brush, etc.
  • Instruments are really cool to bring and play during free time
  • You can bring your homework, but you probably won't get a lot of it done.

Packing Checklist for Parents

  • Any medications your child will need to take while on retreat with us, with information on times, dosages, etc.
  • Completed health and permission form if not sent to Gretchen ahead of time.
  • Alternative contact information if you will not be at home while your child is with us.
  • Our fee structure is a version of the Pay-As-Led approach that New England Quakers adopted for Sessions several years ago. It’s about trust and abundance. Families can pay less or more depending on their budgets–from giving more to support others to zero dollars—no questions asked. $45 is great if budgets are tight; $90/child covers food and supply expenses for our weekends; $150 covers all related costs.  Checks should be made payable to NEYM and paid at the retreat. 
  • Please note:  Items left behind that are labeled get mailed back to you. Unclaimed reusable clothing goes to a shelter if not claimed within one year.

A Note about Electronics

All of us, including staffers, try to be as "unplugged" as we can for the weekend.  PLEASE LEAVE ELECTRONIC TOYS, GAMES, etc at home.  They are too easily lost and broken and impede us creating an inclusive community.  Plan on using your cell phone only to call home when you arrive and then again before you leave on Sunday.  iPods, Kindles, etc with earbuds may be used by the individual owner during quiet hour and at bedtime.  Please read some important information on our community's media commitment regarding photographs here.  

Questions? Contact: Gretchen

508-287-6441 Gretchen's cell phone

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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(508) 754-6760 - [email protected]