New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.
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The Yearly Meeting consists of the entire membership of its constituent monthly meetings. The purpose of its annual assemblies is to help order their affairs and to maintain and promote Christian faith, love, and practice. All members have both the privilege and the responsibility of attending sessions and participating in the deliberations.
— NEYM Faith and Practice (1985), Pt IV Ch. 1

Among many other things, New England Yearly Meeting comprises a network of nearly 100 local Quaker congregations, an array of standing committees, a set of vibrant youth programs with regular retreats and a dedicated group of volunteers and staff serving the community in official capacities.

The pages contained in this Organization section of the site allow you to explore the Yearly Meeting through its official structures. To explore the Yearly Meeting through a different lens, visit the What NEYM Does section, which presents a cross-section of NEYM's life and work organized by theme.

You may also wish to explore the NEYM Faith and Practice chapter on "Organization and Procedure."

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