New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.
A silent line of Quakers of varying generations displays signs with peaceful messages.

Witnessing for a Just & Sustainable World

For Quakers, the most vital expressions of our faith go beyond words into action. We witness to the Spirit of Love and Truth as we work to bring the society around us more into harmony with God’s peaceable kingdom and the natural world.

Quakers take up this work through community action, meeting support of an individual Friend’s social justice ministry, and through participation in organizations dedicated to creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Working Together: Social Witness Committees

The Yearly Meeting has formed a number of standing committees oriented around particular areas of concern, including fostering peace and nonviolence, dismantling systems of oppression, and living more lightly upon the earth.

These committees may be platforms for coordinating the leadings of Friends across different monthly meetings, as well as a launching point for witness work to be brought to the Yearly Meeting at Sessions.

Organizations Dedicated to Quaker Witness

NEYM appoints Friends to represent New England Friends’ concerns to the following Quaker organizations:

Deepening Our Commitment to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Friends

In 2009, New England Yearly Meeting approved a statement affirming the good order of same-sex marriage. We acknowledged with gratitude the longstanding ministries of our LGBTQ members, and that many of our congregations have taken same-sex marriages under their care for decades.

As is true across the global 21st century landscape of religious life, acceptance of homosexuality varies widely in the broader Religious Society of Friends. NEYM has pledged to be a respectful, loving, and true witness among our fellow Quakers to the gifts that God has bestowed upon us through our LGBTQ members.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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