New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.
A group of young Quakers gathers around a colorful parachute spread out on the grass, ready for a fun game.

What NEYM Does

As many candles lighted and put in one place do greatly augment the light and make it more to shine forth, so when many are gathered together into the same life there is more of the glory of God, and His power appears to the refreshment of each individual, for that he partakes not only of the light and life raised in himself but in all the rest.
—Robert Barclay: Apology, as quoted in NEYM Faith and Practice (1985)

For more than 350 years, New England Quakers have joined together to discern and carry out the work given to them by God.  Today, we continue to labor in efforts that are diverse in scope but unified in the same Holy Spirit. This section of the site weaves together into related themes some of the threads of this work. It is by no means comprehensive of all of NEYM's structure and ministries — for that, visit the Organization section of this site.

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