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Pay as Led: A Spiritual Approach to Fees

May 25, 2017

Our experiment with a “Pay-As-Led” approach to Sessions fees has been a great success—but your faithful participation is essential. Friends have found it to be a much simpler way to determine how much to pay, and collected fees and donations have covered all the costs of the gathering. We were pleased to share our experience in an article in the December 2015 issue of Friends Journal, and since then the approach has drawn interest from Friends across North America and beyond. 

At the time of registration, Friends will be shown three different recommended amounts: an “average limited income” fee, a “traditional” fee and a “complete cost” fee. Some Friends may decide that they are unable to pay anything this year, and nobody will be required to ask for funds. Pay-As-Led relies on your integrity as a Friend, in the faith that each of us will contribute what we are led and able to support our wider faith community.

Under this system of payment, contributions from individuals and meetings have proven to be essential in covering our costs. At the time of registration, any amount which a Friend pays in excess of the “traditional” fee will be counted as a tax-deductible donation to support others’ participation. Monthly meetings are also encouraged to continue contributing to support Sessions. All of these contributions, which were previously identified as the “Equalization Fund,” are now pooled into one sum and used to support the attendance of all Friends—including members of your meeting—who are unable to cover the actual costs of their participation. 

If your monthly meeting supports NEYM’s Annual Sessions with an Equalization contribution in its budget, we are very grateful and ask you to consider increasing that gift as you are able. If your meeting does not provide such support on a regular basis, please consider doing so. We invite meetings and individuals to send checks payable to NEYM, to 901 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602; or, give online at

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