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Sessions Bookstores: Read by the Light!

Jun 2, 2014

For Readers…

This year we plan to have two large and lively bookstores. 

At the Jeffords Science Center we will be selling Quaker books, Pendle Hill Pamphlets, books on the Sessions theme, fiction, history, theology and more, as well as consignment goods. 

At the Fireside Lounge in the Campus Center we’ll have books and more for child, parent and family, including curriculum and service project information for home and First Day School; flags; posters; and afternoon music and art projects.

For Volunteers…

Volunteers are needed for shifts from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday evening. Send an email to express your interest in volunteering at the Child & Family Bookstore (Jean McCandless [email protected]) or the Main Bookstore (Dulany Bennett [email protected]). Thanks, Friends!

For Quaker Authors…

If you have had a pamphlet or book published recently and would like to have a noon book signing and sale at Sessions, please contact Dulany Bennett.

For Consignment Sellers….

Contact Dulany Bennett by July 27. All sales at Sessions must go through the bookstore, which retains 15 percent of gross sales to cover charge-card fees, supplies, staffing, etc. Email [email protected] or call 802-698-8110. 

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