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Jun 2, 2014

The Family Neighborhood

Come as you are; live into all that can be, together!

We invite families, especially those with young children, to request housing in the Family Neighborhood during registration. From early-bird coffee and tea, to Parent Conversations, to end-of-day story time, we stir up a spirit of community, drawing forth joy, warmth, mutuality and care. If you are traveling as a single parent, the community becomes extra pairs of eyes and hands.

To add your presence to this “pop-up family reunion” check “Family Neighborhood” under Housing Choices. We have a beautiful dormitory space! 

Register early — space in the Family Neighborhood will fill up fast.

Quaker Quorus 

Dost thou have the Light (fire) of singing in thee? Then let’s sing and bear witness!

The Fire and the Hammer (musical rendition of the life of George Fox) sparked the enthusiasm of participants and listeners alike at Sessions 2011. Many asked for more. This year, we shall again raise our voices to sing songs with themes of Listening, Silence, Peace, Stewardship, Simplicity and Compassion. Under the leadership of Kit Johnson (a professional choral conductor and instructor of music for more than 40 years), we will have daily rehearsals starting Saturday afternoon, and a Wednesday afternoon performance. 

Learn more and sign up at

Signs of Light: A Quaker Meeting Poster Fair 

You are invited to raise up, share and celebrate how the Light is being called forth in your meeting. Let gratitude be your guide in choosing your theme(s). Highlight an emerging ministry, innovative program, creative response to a challenge, special pastoral care work, adult religious education, deepening of worship, service project or newcomer-welcoming strategy, to name a few possibilities. 

Each meeting, church & worship group in NEYM may have about 2.5 feet of table space for a tri-fold display, etc. The exhibit will be up all week outside the entrance to business sessions.

Questions: email Beth Collea at: [email protected] 

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