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Pay as You Are Led

Jun 2, 2014

For many years, our Yearly Meeting has ensured that no one was prevented from attending our annual sessions due to a lack of funds. In the past, we invited Friends who could not afford the full price for Sessions to make requests from the Equalization Fund, by completing a special form and mailing it to the registrar.

This year, we are led to try a new approach that offers greater simplicity and flexibility, allowing Friends to prayerfully consider both the cost of Sessions and their financial situation.

During registration, you will be presented with three numbers to guide your discernment: a recommended fee for the options you’ve selected (based on what we’ve asked Friends to pay to attend Sessions in the past), an estimated actual cost to the Yearly Meeting, and a recommended limited-income fee.

You’ll then be asked to consider prayerfully how much you are able and led to pay this year; you may choose one of those numbers or enter another amount.

That’s it.

If you are not able to pay at all this year, you can enter zero dollars. 

We are taking a leap of faith together and trusting that you will give what you’re led and able in a spirit of generosity and abundance. If each of us does this, we will see glorious things. 

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