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Partners in Spirit—bringing young adults and mentors together

Nov 2, 2018
NiaDwynwen Thomas, Young Friends/Young Adult Friends Coordinator

Young adults need mentors. When you look back on your spiritual growth, who encouraged you? None of us grows to our full potential without others seeing our inner promise, creating space, and encouraging us along as we move through the hardest stretches.

Mentors are omega-3s for our spiritual growth, increasing vitality and drawing out potential. And yet, many young adult Friends in New England report they struggle to find authentic mentoring relationships. I do not believe that this problem exists because there is a lack of Friends capable of spiritual nurture; I believe it is (at least in part) due to an awkwardness at starting mentoring conversations and a failure to see ourselves as worthy of this powerful role. Even as someone who has worked intensively with youth in an explicitly spiritual context for years, I feel shy about claiming myself as a mentor or bringing the full intentionality of mentorship into my local meeting relationships. I believe there are other Friends out there who may feel this same shyness and yearning to grow.

Seeking to respond to this concern, “Partners in Spirit” is a retreat focused on enlivening aspiring Quaker mentors by deepening their understanding of mentorship and their own gifts. The retreat will be held February 15–18, 2019, at Woolman Hill and is made possible thanks to the Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund.

This retreat is not only for aspiring mentors, it is also for emerging adults (ages 18–25) who seek to strengthen their understanding of Quaker spiritual practice and to better use their faith in their day to day lives.

By bringing these two cohorts together as partners in the spiritual journey, the retreat seeks to grow multi-generational spiritual friendships and fuel the Quaker movement. Read more about the retreat on the Woolman Hill website.

Does this retreat sound like a good fit for you? Applications for mentors and emerging adults are due by December 10th. Please spread the word to Friends you know who may benefit from this special gathering.

~Nia Thomas

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