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Invitation to Climate Consultation

Feb 28, 2017
Fritz Weiss, presiding clerk

Dear Friends,

At last year's annual Sessions, New England Yearly Meeting affirmed our Divine call to the witness of addressing climate change (Minute 2016-67). We also committed to taking concrete actions as a yearly meeting. Among these actions is a consultation this spring to receive what has risen during the year and to discern together where the Yearly Meeting is being led.

After some consideration we have organized two ways in which this consultation will occur. On Saturday, April 22nd, Friends are invited to gather at Friends Meeting at Cambridge for worship, fellowship, encouragement and sharing with a concern for the Earth's climate. Please come and bring good news from your meeting, bring your open heart ready to be called to further witness, bring your despair and hope for renewal. Details for this event will be confirmed as plans are finalized.

Because it is likely that this date will not work for all, Friends are also invited to share how they have engaged in this witness by sending a letter or report to [email protected] with “Climate” noted as the subject line. Please respond as monthly meetings, as engaged groups or as individuals.  

Has your meeting been praying together for the climate? Have you made your meetinghouse more sustainable? Have you attended a public event together? Tell the rest of us about it! Please send your news to [email protected].

A group of Friends will gather the reports sent by email and the notes from the April 22nd gathering and will report to the whole Yearly Meeting at Sessions in August. This August we will hear how we have lived into this witness and we will discern what are the next steps forward on this path.

Would you like a visit to your meeting? If your meeting would be helped in its discernment about individual or corporate responses to the climate witness, or to explore spiritual challenges and issues related to climate change or climate action, some members of the Prophetic Climate Action Working Group would be willing to visit your meeting to offer support.  Contact Brian Drayton.

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