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Hanover Friends approve minute on human rights

Jan 3, 2017
Hanover (NH) Friends Meeting

At a Called Meeting for Business on Sunday, December 18, 2016, Hanover Friends Meeting united in adopting the below statement as Minute 16.169. Hanover Friends are undertaking to distribute this statement widely in Quaker and community circles and to meet again on January 22, 2017, to consider several queries about how they may take further action growing from this minute. The queries are attached [below] as a pdf.  Please forward the minute to any people or groups that you believe should have it. Please let Kathleen Shepherd at Hanover Friends Meeting know to whom you have forwarded the minute, if anyone. 

Other meetings in Northwest Quarter may wish to endorse this minute or write their own. If your meeting endorses this minute or does its own minute, please let Northwest Quarter clerk Penny Wright and forward any new minute to Connie Kincaid-Brown for sharing on the Nor'wester list.

May the Peace and Love of the Season be alive in your hearts,

Connie Kincaid-Brown
Correspondence Coordinator
Northwest Quarterly Meeting 

Minute 16.169 of Hanover Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

As members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), we believe that the human family is one family; that there is that of God in every member of this family; and that generosity of spirit toward all the members of the human family is of overriding importance.

As Quakers, we reaffirm our unconditional support for the wellbeing and protection of all threatened individuals in our community, including, especially at this troubled time, Muslims and undocumented immigrants.

We urge our government to reaffirm our country’s founding values, especially freedom of religion, to affirm our welcome to all peaceful refugees and immigrants, to reject bigotry and xenophobia, and to adopt laws and policies that respect the humanity and dignity of all people.

We call on our fellow community members to join us in defending human rights for all, working toward nonviolent religious and civic sanctuary that protects all who are vulnerable, and striving together for compassion, dignity and safety for everyone.

Approved December 18, 2016

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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