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Framingham Friends Responds to Hate Letter

Nov 27, 2018

18th Day 11th Month 2018

Hussamuddin Syed, Fareed Siddiqui, Faisal Musa
Community Outreach Committee
Islamic Society of Framingham

Sumaiya Zama
Director of Community Advocacy and Education
Council on American-Islamic Relations of Massachusetts

Elizabeth Simon, Principal
Hemenway Elementary School


As a Quaker community, Framingham Friends Meeting would like to convey our great distress at the threatening and hateful communications that a fifth-grade girl at Hemenway Elementary School received. Hemenway Elementary School is the closest public school to ourmeetinghouse, which is located at 841 Edmands Road in the former Framingham District Number 7 School House built in 1839. Our Quaker Testimonies include Peace, Equality, and Community, all of which have been violated here within the community surrounding our meeting. We wish to join with others in speaking out against this hateful behavior and declaring our support for the girl, her family, the Islamic Society of Framingham, the larger Islamic community in our region, and the community of Hemenway Elementary School. At the same time we hope that whoever wrote these communications will come to understand the damaging and hateful nature of what they have done and be able to learn to treat others with love and respect regardless of their background or religion. We believe that one of the strengths of Framingham as a community lies in its diversity and inclusivity. We are branches of the same tree, and a cut inflicted on one of these branches hurts and diminishes us all. Please know that we will be holding you in the Light, and we are with you in love and support. If there is ever any way in which Framingham Friends Meeting can be helpful to you or your organizations, including making use of our meetinghouse, please feel free to contact me, as we would love to help in any way we can.

Yours in peace,

D. Morgan Wilson
Presiding Clerk
Framingham Friends Meeting (Quaker)


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