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Equalization Fund: Your Support is Still Needed

Jun 2, 2014
James Varner, Equalization Fund Representative & John Humphries, Sessions Committee Clerk

Our new, simpler approach to Sessions fees means the Equalization Fund is more important than ever. Instead of a fund that Friends can appeal to on an ad-hoc basis, all contributions from families and meetings will be pooled, and this Equalization Fund will be used to support the attendance of all Friends — including members of your meeting — who are unable to cover the actual cost of participation. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fund when you pay your Sessions fees. Please also check to see that your meeting includes a contribution to the Fund in your annual giving to the Yearly Meeting. Generous support for the Equalization Fund is critical for the success of our new “pay-as-led” approach to Sessions fees, ensuring that no one is prevented from attending Sessions due to a lack of funds. Email questions to [email protected]

-James Varner, Equalization Fund Rep., 207-827-4493
-John Humphries, Sessions Committee Clerk, 860-236-5175    

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