Children and Youth Attend 2022 Sessions for Free

Text reads "Sessions will be free of charge for children and youth this summer"


Dear New England Friends,

We are writing today to share exciting news. Sessions will be free of charge for children and youth this summer!

The in-person component of New England Yearly Meeting’s Annual Sessions will be held at Castleton, Vermont, August 6–11. Being together as Friends from across New England for the first time since 2019, we want to create an especially warm welcome (or welcome back!) to our families, children, and youth. 

We know that the last two years of pandemic conditions have made it particularly difficult for children, youth, and families to maintain their level of participation in Quaker activities. We hope that by lifting this financial burden, we are sending this message to families and youth: Please come to Sessions! We want you to be with us. Sessions planners are hard at work preparing for an event that is joyful, connective, and meaningful for Friends of all ages and for both in-person and Zoom participants.

We will still be offering Sessions on a pay-as-led basis for all participants, meaning all participants can contribute as led, and as their budget allows. We will still offer a range of suggested fees based on the costs of putting on this event; however, anyone 18 or younger (or still in the Young Friends high school program) will see a suggested fee of $0. While this is a financial leap of faith for our Yearly Meeting, we encourage Friends and local meetings to participate in this special welcome by continuing to contribute generously to our Equalization Fund, which is critical to the financial sustainability and accessibility of Sessions and all of our programs throughout the year.

Please help us spread the word about this special offer by warmly inviting Quaker youth and families you know to consider attending Sessions. If you attended as a young person or have brought your family to Sessions in the past, share your Sessions story with Friends in your meeting.

Watch for further news and the official Sessions invitation coming soon. If you have questions or suggestions about the schedule, events, or about Castleton University, contact [email protected] and [email protected].  

Gretchen Baker-Smith, Children and Family Ministries Coordinator
Maggie Fiori, Teen Ministries Coordinator
Phillip Veatch, Clerk of Sessions Planning

P.S. Another special opportunity this Sessions brings is the chance to celebrate Gretchen Baker-Smith’s many years of service and to welcome our new Children and Family Ministries Coordinator, Kara Price. Please join us!