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Young Adult Ministries Consultation, January 2015 | Image by Kevin Lee, ©

New England Friend: February 2015

From the Yearly Meeting Secretary

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the February 2015 edition of the New England Friend. I hope this finds you and your local meeting staying warm and safe in the midst of a trying winter in our region, and a season of struggle and violence for so many in our communities and our world. May hope, healing and justice come as surely as the springtime, and may Friends in New England be instruments of peace, becoming more willing and able to be led. 

In this online issue, you'll find news from the growing edges of the Quaker movement across the six New England states. In particular, I hope you'll take time to read and share the report on the recent Consultation on Young Adult Ministries, which I believe was an important step toward our community growing to more fully welcome the participation and gifts of Friends across the arc of our lives. Engagement by young adults with our yearly meeting is growing, presenting exciting opportunities and challenges for our local meetings and shared ministries.



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