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Affirmation of God's Love for People Regardless of Sexual Orientation

Aug 7, 2007

50. Bill How, clerk of NEYM Ministry & Counsel, reported on the discernment of the group of Friends who gathered along with the working party on the FUM Personnel Policy to listen to concerns and see where we might be led as a body. After a period of powerful testimony of hearts and minds changing, of the need to be a loving presence to those with whom we disagree, of the importance of being witnesses for the gay and lesbian children who are in environments where they are not safe to be themselves, of the simple wrongness of speaking to the world about peace if we can’t maintain dialogue within the family of Friends, and of the need to turn passion into action, Friends were clear to approve the following minute: 

New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends affirms that God loves all God’s children equally, regardless of their sexual orientation. We have found this truth confirmed through careful study of scripture and searching for the will of God. We re-affirm our minutes 2004–74 and 2005–60. We prayerfully and respectfully ask that the worldwide community of Friends, in which we are all one with each other in the Spirit, open it heart to this knowing. We commit ourselves to ongoing loving, listening, and mutual prayer and reflection as we continue our valued relationships with each other in God’s ministry. 

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