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United Yearly Meeting

Jun 21, 1944

Report of progress of Joint Committee, appointed during 1943 by all groups of Friends in New England. [lengthy – not copied] Actions taken: (1) added three members to the committee, so there would be one from each QM, in making future plans. (2) authorized change of name from “Yearly Meeting of Friends for New England” to “New England Yearly Meeting of Friends”, in all three states (Maine & RI, by action of legislatures; Mass by application to Commissioner of Corporations.” (3) Asked each QM “to adopt appropriate minutes in their records and forward them to the organization session. These minutes should recognize the reunion and consolidation of the various Friends groups in New England, which will at that time be meeting together for the first time under the name of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.” (4) “The Continuation Committee suggests that the closing minute of our YM this year should be carefully worded in order to show that when we meet next as a consolidated YM under a new name we shall be meeting as a continuation of the ancient YM which met first in New England in 1661.” This recommendation “is satisfactory to the Meeting.” Left it to the committee to work out details of naming of clerks and committees, and “determination of the status of all YM committees now functioning.” 

Minute 1944-46 to 47

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