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Fundraising for Missionary Travel

Jun 21, 1944

Report of American Friends Board of Missions by Merle Davis. “. . . James A. Coney continued the report of this Board by calling attention to those Friends missionaries who are abroad and who must be given an opportunity to return home, and other groups which are about ready to go out to certain Friends. Fields. These many workers and teachers need funds for transportation. Particularly concerned with collecting the money for this purpose from the various Quarterly Meetings, James A. Coney asked for suggestions for raising a stated sum for these Friends who are spending their lives in foreign service. Several suggestions were presented by members of the Meeting as a definite interest was shown toward securing this needed fund. . . . The final suggestion of referring the matter of coordinating the many financial projects of the Yearly Meeting, including this particular concern for raising $500 for the special Travel Fund for Missionaries to the Finance Committee, was approved by the Meeting.” 

--Minute #1944-26


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