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Jun 21, 1944

report of Christian Stewardship Committee (appointed previous year, four members, “in answer to a concern that help might be given to the local meetings in raising our United Budget.” --giving to United Budget had fallen, causing YM to sharply curtail its work. “We decided to send a form letter, the draft of which was approved by the Friends present [at their meeting], outlining the needs of the United Budget and analyzing our past and project giving thereto. This letter asked Friends to express an opinion as to whether they themselves approved the work of the Yearly Meeting. If they did so approve they were asked to indicate if they would be willing to try to give on one of the following bases: 1. On the basis of the minimum budget recommended by the Finance Committee. [less than $2 per year per adult member]
2. On the former United Budget basis which called for an adult per capita giving of approximately $2.60 per year. 3. On the basis of expansion of effort which a larger gift than proposition “2” would warrant.
“We sent these letters in large packages to some person in each Monthly Meeting to be distributed to all adult members and asked them to forward to us all reply forms that were filled in. One Meeting had conscientious scruples about distributing such a letter and returned the package with a statement. Sixteen Meetings made no reply, eighteen Meetings cooperated fully or in part as asked.” Results: 7 #1, 29 #2, 67 #3.
Recommendations: 1. “That the Finance Committee be asked to revise upward its recommendation for the United Budget, at least to the level of this year’s actual giving. We ought not to restrict God’s work to present levels. It places the Stewardship committee (if such a committee’s continuance is contemplated) in an awkward position having to work against the faith of another Yearly Meeting Committee, as it has seemed to many to have done this year. Also people are inclined to doubt and to decrease giving when askings are below actual receipts.”

Minute: “This report showed clearly that effective work has been done by our new committee. As a result the level of giving in many of our meetings has been materially raised and interest in many Yearly Meeting concerns has been renewed.” 

Minute 1944-67

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