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Civil Liberties

Jun 17, 1954

Summary of incoming epistles includes full statement from Pacific Coast Yearly Meeting to all Friends and the press:

“The spirit of Christ by which we are guided, leads us to stand for religious freedom and obligates us to pursue truth wherever it may lead.

“We regard the current restrictions on liberty of thought and speech—as evidenced by the abuse of legislative investigations and laws requiring declarations of non-disloyalty to the State—as a danger to our basic freedom to differ and to explore truth.

“Neither these efforts to enforce loyalty nor the weapons of armed might will bring security or peace to this or any other nations. Only the reliance upon the power of love and good will can bring true peace and freedom.

“We affirm our unchanging conviction that our first allegiance is to God, and if this conflicts with any compulsion of the State, we serve our countries best by remaining true to our higher loyalty.”

(This was apparently read aloud.) “Appreciation was expressed.” 

Minute 1954-11