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NEYM Working Party on Spirituality and Sexual Ethics

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Faithful Sexuality

This document was prepared by the Working Party on Spirituality and Sexual Ethics, which served on behalf of the Ministry and Counsel committee of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quaker). The report consists of the Working Party members’ personal reflections, arising out of their joint exploration and consultation among New England Friends on this topic. The views expressed are those of its authors and do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of New England Yearly Meeting Ministry and Counsel, New England Yearly Meeting, or the Society of Friends.

In publishing Faithful Sexuality, Ministry and Counsel acknowledges its appreciation for the candid considerations and expressions of the working party members in their eight years of service and a hope that their report will encourage meaningful discussion and further awareness of intimacy and spirituality in a rapidly changing world.”

You can download a pdf of Faithful Sexuality by clicking on the link under 'Related Files', below.

Print copies of the report can be purchased from Vintage Quaker Books.

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Living with Oneself and Others

Working papers on aspects of family life containing queries and advices for Friends meetings and individuals. First edition by the Family Life Subcommittee of the New England Yearly Meeting Ministry and Counsel Committee. 1979. Fourth edition by the New England Yearly Meeting Ministry and Counsel Committee, 2001. A bound, print version is available at the NEYM Office, [email protected].

Chapter headings:

Growing as an Individual 
Human Sexuality 
Contemplating Marriage: Queries for the Meeting 
Contemplating Marriage: Queries for the Couple 
Nurturing Marriage 
Living with Children 
Contemplating Separation or Divorce 
Separation or Divorce 
After Separation or Divorce 
Living Without a Partner 
As We Grow Older 
Clearness Committees 
Appendix: Original Introduction and Statement of Purpose

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