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Support Across Generations for Elders (SAGE) Program

Note: The continuing direction and stewardship of the SAGE program is under discernment. For questions relating to the program, or to request support or accompaniment for your meeting or your family with issues of aging, death and dying, please contact the Clerk of Ministry & Counsel at [email protected]

What are the spiritual gifts of aging? What are Quaker values around the last chapter of life? How can we support difficult conversations around death and dying? How do we help Friends create a lasting legacy for families?

Support Across Generations for Elders (SAGE) began with a grant from Friends Foundation for Aging in spring 2015, to build a program akin to the ARCH (Aging Consultation, Resources, Help) program of New York Yearly Meeting. SAGE aims to support monthly meetings as they provide pastoral care to individuals and caregivers coping with chronic illness and disabilities, losses and diminishments of aging, and serious illness including end-of-life concerns. SAGE trains Friends in skills and knowledge to assist with decision-making; provide spiritual support for families, caregivers, and individuals; address tasks of life completion and leaving a legacy for loved ones; make advance directives and other aspects of advance care planning; and assist with care coordination.

Contact the SAGE co-directors at [email protected]

SAGE Friends have undertaken the following work:

  • Led adult education sessions for their meetings on advance directives.
  • Provided ministry of accompaniment and presence for Friends on hospice.
  • Accompanied people with new cancer diagnosis to physician visits to provide support and advocacy.
  • Led conversations on grief and loss in their meetings.
  • Suggested books and other resources for meetings to obtain for their libraries
  • Accompanied a Friends pastor on visits providing pastoral counseling


Would you like SAGE to present a workshop at your local meeting? Possible workshop topics include:

  • Loss and grieving
  • Talking about "The D Words" (Death and Dying)
  • Deep Listening for Pastoral Care
  • Advance Directives—What, Why, and How (the nitty gritty about "living will," health care proxy/ DPOA-HC, DNR/POLST orders)
  • Writing your Advance Directive using "Quaker Values and End of Life Decision-Making"
  • Making Decisions as a Proxy using "Hard Choices for Loving People."
  • What About Assisted Dying?
  • What Remains? (home funerals, cremation, green burial)

Print Resources

Below are links to resources that Friends and local meetings may find useful. See also this bibliography of Quaker resources on aging and beyond.

Quaker Aging Resources

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Dementia and Alzheimer's

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