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Minute on Continued Discernment of Finance to Friends United Meeting

Aug 7, 2013

68. We returned to the consideration of the continuation of Minute 2009-54:

Minute 2009-54: Minute for Finance to FUM

If a monthly meeting minutes the intention of some of its members to exclude FUM from their contribution to NEYM, the MM treasurer will notify the NEYM treasurer of that decision, including a copy of the MM minute with the communication. The monthly meeting will then decrease their intended contribution by the appropriate amount, and the NEYM treasurer will decrease our contribution to FUM by the same amount. The MM treasurer is responsible for calculating the percentage of their budget that goes to NEYM. For FY09, the percentage of the NEYM budget that goes to FUM is 1.5%.

A fund will be established to which individuals can donate to add to the Yearly Meeting’s contribution to FUM. Individuals may donate to this fund if they wish to help ensure that the full budgeted amount goes to FUM.

The NEYM treasurer will exercise care in communicating with FUM about the potential variability in NEYM’s contribution to FUM.

Since Monday evening, Ministry & Counsel has held two listening sessions that have demonstrated both the enormous pain and the love in our community. We recognize that there is insufficient time at these sessions to do the deep work we need to do and not enough information about either the situations in our own meetings or the changes that have occurred in FUM and amongst ourselves. Are we in that place of love and tenderness where we can hold ourselves spiritually accountable for another year as our meetings continue to wrestle with this issue? Ministry & Counsel has agreed to shepherd this process of information-sharing and discernment through the coming year, bringing a report back to Sessions in 2014. Friends approved continuing minute 2009-54 for another year. We acknowledge that we do not know where we will be on this issue by next year and that more time may still be needed before we become clear.

-Minute 2013-68

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