Loss, Mourning, and Memorial Meetings in Pandemic Times

The death of a beloved Friend is never easy, but having opportunities to mourn together and reconnect with Loving Presence may offer some comfort. And yet, the particular health concerns and restrictions stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic require us to adapt some of our practices around death. Scroll down for resources to help your Meeting in caring for the grieving and memorializing those we've lost during this pandemic.

Mourning and Memorial Meetings in Pandemic Times

As your meeting or worship group prepares for or responds to loss during this pandemic, you may be wondering how to respond to the needs of the bereaved and the meeting community as a whole, despite physical distance. In this video, three Friends explore how Quaker practices around death can be reimagined in these times.

A Conversation about Mourning and Memorial Meetings in Pandemic Times

File Downloads

Guide to Christian Funerals during COVID-19

This five-page handout, created by the Massachusetts Council of Churches in March of 2020, outlines ways to mourn the dead amid coronavirus-related restrictions on gatherings

Sample Phone Tree

A modifiable phone tree, an organized way to rapidly relay important or sensitive information within you community

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