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Living Faith Workshops – October 2018

Worships will meet after lunch. You will select one workshop at registration and the final offerings will be determined by which workshops draw sufficient interest.

Help in Hard times: Leaning into Our Spirituality in Times of Trouble - With Rosemary Zimmerman

God often feels the farthest away when life is the hardest—just when we need our spirituality the most. And yet our faith offers us powerful tools to help support us. In this workshop we will explore concrete daily spiritual practices that encourage leaning on the strength of a power not our own, a power that can lift us up in times of need.

Examining How Whiteness Functions in My Life - With Eppchez

This Workshop uses songs, story telling and worship sharing to help communities confront White Supremacy, become more comfortable with the inherent discomfort of this work, and embrace the joyful parts of engaging with transformation of self and noticing harmful structures at work in daily life. Eppchez draws from eir experiences and reflections as a White-passing person to notice how Whiteness functions in eir life and invite Friends into a vulnerable space of reflection around this topic that we have been so carefully taught to ignore.

Quaker Outreach and Radical Welcome in the Digital Age - With Kathleen Wooten

In this interactive workshop, we will consider how new media platforms offer both challenge and opportunity for “letting our lives speak.”  Topics to be covered include:, best practices designed for various digital platforms and spaces, creative (and free!) digital tools for your meeting to discover, and potential obstacles to fully sharing our welcome. This workshop is geared towards folks with a minimal knowledge of social media platforms and practices. Bring your laptops, tablets and iPhones!   Take-home resources will explain these topics in more depth. More details can be found at

Exploring a Spirituality of Money - With Lyle Miller & NEYM Development Committee

One definition for the testimony of stewardship is the "spiritual practices of money management and generosity." But where do these practices come from? In this two-part workshop, we'll first explore a spirituality of money, drawing on four themes that shape our stewardship. In the second hour, we'll turn toward practical applications, including things to be aware of in light of the "Tax Reform and Jobs Act of 2017."

Being of Service: Exploring Public Ministry in our Meetings - With Kristina & Callid Keefe-Perry

Some Meetings struggle to name the spiritual gifts rising up in their members. Others have folks already engaging in ministry but wonder what they can provide in terms of support, development/nourishment, and accountability. In both situations, there may be some who wonder exactly what exactly ministry is, and whether or not they're "the kind of meeting" that does it. On top of that, a person feeling called into service might not quite know how to respond: how to get needed connection and support, or what the relationship is supposed to be between personal leadings and the community's oversight of it. Many Meetings struggle to provide regular practices that foster the naming, nurture, and exercise of spiritual gifts that individuals are stewarding. This diminishes the spiritual depth of individuals and the Meeting community as a whole. 

If any of these dynamics seem familiar and you are looking for resources and conversation about them, this is a program for you. Members of Monthly Meeting Ministry & Council Committees are particularly encouraged to consider attending.

Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples - With Paula Palmer

The Toward Right Relationship project offers this workshop in response to calls from Indigenous leaders at the United Nations and the World Council of Churches. The 2-hour exercise traces the historic and ongoing impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery, the 15th-century justification for European subjugation of non-Christian peoples. Our goal is to raise our level of knowledge and concern about these impacts, recognize them in ourselves and our institutions, and explore how we can begin to take actions toward “right relationship.” We provide a Resource Kit with suggestions for continued study, reflection, and action.

In the Doctrine of Discovery, we find the roots of injustice. In the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, we find the seeds of change. How can we nurture these seeds to bring forth the fruits of right relationship among all peoples?

Art & Faith Workshop - With Maggie Nelson

What does it look like to hold someone in the light? What does it feel like to trust a brush and ink the way we trust waiting worship? Join Maggie Nelson (Portland Friends Meeting) in exploring how art can be a vibrant expression of Quaker faith and testimony. We'll warm up with some drawing games and experiment with art worship to illuminate our experiences as Friends. All ages and creative comfort levels welcome!

Free Time 

Elect not to attend at workshop and explore the offerings of our host site, The 224: sit in prayer in the chapel, explore the healing garden, do self-led yoga or meditation in the yoga studio, take a nap (blankets and quiet space available), download a free app and listen to the voices of social justice leaders around Hartford while you view their portraits in the exhibit hall, explore Rev. Shelly's art work around the building, chat with Friends, read a book—whatever will serve you best.

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