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Living Faith Workshops – April 2019

Workshops will meet after lunch. You will select one workshop at registration and the final offerings will be determined by which workshops draw sufficient interest.

Experiencing Healing Circle with Paula & Brenda

Finding ways to listen, be lovingly accountable, and deepen our understanding of one another helps create the kind of humanity and change that many of us long for in our communities. This circle is meant as an experiential introduction to the practice of restorative justice answering the questions: How do we feel and what do we need when we have experienced hurt or harm? and What ideas do we have to make things better? Come explore a relationship-oriented approach to harm and healing.

Quakers and Native Americans in Southeastern New England, 1656-1680 with Frederick Martin

Were Friends really pacifists when it came to Native people? When Quakers were getting started in 1650s-60s Sandwich and Dartmouth, they were the underdogs among the English colonists. Yet Friends were also a growing international Atlantic movement with much greater influence in Rhode Island; and their promotional literature portrayed idealized Indians as praising the Quakers. But real Native American leaders had bigger diplomatic issues than to notice a tiny upstart religious group. Early Sandwich town records do show trusting personal interactions between individual Friends and Native people - but how Friendly were Friends toward Native people when it came to war? And were Quakers even unified about anything?

Holding with Love with Evan McManamy

Trauma is widespread in our culture; most of us have experienced trauma of some kind, to some extent. Join Evan McManamy LMT for a two-hour workshop. We’ll explore how to work with the embodied aspects of trauma from a place of love and deep listening. You will leave the workshop with practical skills to use in your own body and hands-on techniques to practice with your friends and family. Feel free to bring blankets and pillows.

Faithful Financial Stewardship for Friends and Friends Meetings with Lyle Miller

Join Lyle Miller from Everence, the Mennonite financial services and mutual aid organization now partnering with New England Quakers, to explore how we—as local meetings and individuals—can more faithfully and effectively steward the financial resources in our care. Informed by the interests and particular needs of the workshop attenders, Lyle will help participants understand and engage with the range of stewardship services, support, and educational resources available to Friends and Friends Meetings in New England through this new partnership.

Writing as a Spiritual Practice with Emily Savin

Writing as a spiritual practice is an individual act that can open us up to unexpected wisdom from within. Like silent worship, it takes on beautiful new dimensions in community. We will write together, each of us in communion with our own inner guide; those who would like to may share their writing with the group. Through a series of guided writing exercises, we will learn from the seed in ourselves and bear witness to that in others. We will hold a worshipful space that is supportive and safe for writers at all levels of confidence.

Reaching Out to College Students with Greg Woods

This workshop will center on how meetings in New England can reach and support college students in their area, either by going to them or welcoming them in. We talk about campus ministry and campus outreach as different approaches to engaging them. Queries for the workshop: How do we help to develop leadership and the spirituality of college students? How can meetings see themselves as way stations for college students on their journeys? How do we support/speak to the condition of college students?

Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness with Lisa Graustein & Lorena Boswell, Noticing Patterns Working Group of NEYM Ministry & Counsel


This past summer at Sessions, we committed to noticing when we are enacting patterns of oppression as a step in our work to becoming a more just, equitable, and God-centered Yearly Meeting. This interactive workshop will be a chance to explore some of the patterns of oppression common among Friends and build the skills for naming and interrupting those patterns in ways that build community and shared understanding. We will also practice naming the ways in which we are actively creating welcoming, inclusive spaces as an outward expression of our faith of that of God in everyone. We are not interested in blame and shame, but rather growing and learning together in ways that are affirming and positive.

What’s a Quaker mean when they say “authority?” - explorations of faithfulness and obedience in our experiences as Friends with Jay O’Hara and Kathleen Wooten


You will say, Christ saith this, and the apostles say this: but what canst thou say? - George Fox

The Religious Society of Friends, contrary to popular belief, is at heart a corporate spiritual journey. - Lloyd Lee Wilson

Quakerism isn't about looking in the rule book to see what we should do. Neither is Quakerism an anything-goes free for all, nor a never-ending search for unanimous consensus. Friends rather seek the authority of the Spirit, and invite it to rule in our hearts and among us as a body. What is the Quaker definition of spiritual authority? How do we know it in ourselves, and in our corporate experiences? How do we follow the direct instruction of our inner Guide individually, and how does that relate to our meeting communities? What does it mean to put ourselves, and the ministries we hold, under the discipline and care of our meetings?

Jay O’Hara (West Falmouth, MA) and Kathleen Wooten (Fresh Pond, MA) both have traveled extensively among Friends in gospel ministry. They each hold a travel minute and serve under the direction and care of their meetings. Jay and Kathleen hope to encourage faithful conversations around our Quaker traditions and how they support our corporate witness and individual faithfulness in current times.

Free Time

An oportunity to sit in prayer, stretch your legs, or catch up with other Friends.

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