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Legacy Gift Supports Photo Exhibit by Maya Women

Feb 5, 2018

Erica H. Adams (West Falmouth, MA, Preparative Meeting) has organized the first venue of traveling exhibition Respeto/Respect by the Chiapas Photography Project (CPP) in Chiapas, Mexico. Her work includes the educational materials that she created as part of her Legacy Gift (2017). 

Respeto/Respect features photographs and trilingual text by 7 Maya women from two different ethnic-linguistic groups and non-traditional religions who are staff of the Chiapas Photography Project, and demonstrates Maya religious diversity and coexistence after decades of strife in the Chiapas, Mexico; these are values shared in common by Quakers and Maya/CPP. Issues also embedded in this exhibit include: indigenous and women’s rights and autonomy, post-colonialism, and decolonization.

The exhibit will be at the Coolidge Corner Branch of Brookline Public Library, 31 Pleasant St., Brookline, MA, from February 15 through March 15, 2018.

Hours: Mon/Weds 10-6; Tu/Th 10-9; Fri/Sat 9:30-5, and Sun 1-5.

Curators: Erica H. Adams and Carlota Duarte, founder-director of the Chiapas Photography Project.

The opening reception will be Thursday, February 22, 2018, from 7 to 9 p.m., and will include talks by the Curator and the Mexican Embassy Consul.

The Ford Foundation funded CPP and Erica’s work as curator; the NEYM Legacy Gift Committee funded Erica’s work to locate venues and create educational materials; Falmouth Friends subsidized the rental fee.

Erica Adams gives special thanks to the West Falmouth Peace and Social Order Committee and to Sylma Burgos, research librarian at the Brookline Public Library, whose initiative in answering Erica's inquiry led to her promotion of this exhibit.

If you're not able to see the exhibit in person, you can see the photographs here.

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